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It is hard to believe that it has been three years since I started the epic journey towards a PhD in nursing, as a part-time student who already had a full plate as full time nursing faculty in a busy university setting. Since... Read More

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    Thank you so much!!!! I am going to puruse my PhD as well and this was definitely an eye opener into what is ahead of me.... I cannot wait!!!
    and congrats!!
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    Wow, amazing! I am eagerly finishing my BSN in anticipation to apply for the BSN-DNP program. I love reading all of this stuff!
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    Vicky, thanks for sharing. I have lived every sentiment with you (except candidacy, which I am preparing for now). I echo the comments that your informative, well-written posts are invaluable; and I also look forward to Part 2!!!

    '08 cohort
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    PLease keep in touch Vickie! I just got accepted into PhD program. Excited but scared!
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    Just found this article when searching this forum and it was inspiring. 2-3 years after finishing my ADN I pretty much gave up my ambition to be a nurse educator. Having just finished my BSN (after a nice 20 year break from school) nursing education seemed a completely reasonable objective. After investigating it a little more and reviewing my most favorite/least favorite BSN experiences I started investigating BSN to PhD programs. I'll be taking my GRE in a couple of weeks and planning to submit my applications to at least 2 programs in my State. Your article served to both frighten and excite me.

    Sure would love to see the part 2 you promised!
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    Hello there!!

    I have just begun an MSN FNP specialty track and I am too considering a PhD. Reading your blog was very inspiring!!! I can't wait for part 2!!

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