Easiest/quickest online MSN-DNP program - page 2

I am finishing up my FNP program and would like to take the last step and get my DNP. I am doing this just for my own pride as there really isn't a lot more for a clinical NP in my role to gain... Read More

  1. by   lwsoccjs
    Now that's at least a reasonable more down to earth response .
  2. by   Jules A
    Quote from ClayH
    To me the DNP is too easy to not get, much like the BSN
    Or too easy not to get? I'm starting to wonder, lol.
  3. by   pocovan
    This is an older post, but I am wondering about this same topic. I am a FNP-C and would like to get my DNP just for my own personal goal. I would like an accelerated program that is from a bricks and mortar university. If anyone has a variety of options that are also reasonably priced I would really appreciate it. I also was wondering if the cost is higher for online out of state students?

    Thank you for your help!