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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    Taking the TEAS Nov 27th 1 pm signed up today. Thank God I bought the book a few months ago when I was thinking of applying to community college programs. So I guess if I do decent and don't get into schools I could go that route too or just stay an RT forever....

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    Okay I have a dilemma!

    I'm not sure if I should apply to OHSU for mental health nurse practitioner. I am retaking the GRE in late Jan but the application deadline for OHSU is Jan 4th. My scores were not too great the first time but I have As in all my pre-reqs, stellar recommendations and a pretty good essay. Should I give it a shot or not apply at all? My GRE scores according to the OHSU website don't seem too competitive.

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    Hey KritKat! I'm applying to OHSU's midwifery program and I was totally under the impression the application was due Dec 1st like most of the later schools. I was planning to submit it this week anyhow but I just rechecked the website and you're right! I actually did not meet the suggested competitive verbal score, but I did for the math and writing portion. So I emailed the school, and they said that all applicants will be reviewed fairly regardless of their GRE score. So I'm going to give it a shot! Also in case anyone was wondering, interviews are offered in February and results by March. So OHSU is a bit pushed back compared to all the other schools, which makes sense considering their deadline is early January. I tried to look up the stats page they had uploaded on their website... but could not find it (I find it hard to navigate their website). However, I do remember they have a very low acceptance rate. They admit less than 60 students or so for the direct entry program I believe. Correct me if you know the real info though!
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    def go for it ! what do you have to lose another 100 bucks. If you are strong everywhere else except your GRE and they don't take you thats there loss.

    on another note... did the people that applied to emory get a letter in the mail that said thanks for applying???
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    I purposely did not apply to places that required the TEAS. Ick!
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    I'm taking the TEAS in November. Yikes, scared. Although some of the local programs only require a 45% to be considered
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    Hey guys,

    For those who are applying to UCSF especially-

    Yesterday the Dean of School of Nursing from UCSF had a good 1.5 hour evening with my friends and I (connections ) and I got a lot of useful information from him regarding the direct entry program. If you guys have any particular questions - PM/comment on here and I would love to fill you in with the answers (if I have them).

    Thanks and have a good weekend!
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    Hello rainkissedleaves! That must have been an awesome talk you had. I bet you're application will definitely receive a closer look, you're so lucky Was there anything that seemed important or good for applicants to know? Any generalized information regarding their program? UCSF would be such an amazing school to attend!
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    Hey kdiem- its Kritkat!! I just changed my screen name to rainkissedleaves

    And unfortunately I am not applying to UCSF. I don't wish to stay in the Bay Area.

    Let's see- the main points
    > He strongly suggested to not apply to CNL programs (some schools give generic masters with CNL degrees) because its just not the same as NP and CNS. This one got me! I removed Millikin and Rush from my list of schools. CNL job description that he provided us was so basic that it was hardly any direct patient contact. Its mostly management and paperwork (something personally I am not looking for). Unless CNL is really is something you would like to be go for it! But NP and CNS are very different job descriptions.

    > GRE is important. Very important when applying to UCSF. Yes, of course they look at the overall application but having a strong GRE score is crucial to be competitive (155 V and Q; 4 written).

    > GPA- be at least at minimum a B average student.
    > They overall look for empathy in the applicant's portfolio- which reflects via your essays and the extra curricular.

    In addition, we talked about the basic such as DNP programs and their need, things not to do in your application (incomplete app and not so strong recommendations etc), his personal life (time management), his background and history in nursing (which was VERY fascinating and inspiring).

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi rainkissedleaves/kritkat! Thanks so much for the information. I didn't apply to UCLA (although I would love to go to school in socal) because they only offered the CNL degree. I was really really tempted though. I am so sad to hear that they emphasize the GREs that much That's probably the weakest aspect of my application. I think I have great letter of recs (one from a midwife that works and teaches at UCSF) so I'm hoping that will allow UCSF to consider my application. I guess we'll see! About one month until they start giving out responses... I think? I think last cycle was around the beginning of December too for interview offers.

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