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    Human Biology Summer 2011

    Can someone please tell me if there is a Human Biology course available in or close to the Boston Area for summer 2011?
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    MGH Institute of Health Professions

    Hi, Can you please tell me how intense the 5 week course was? I work 40 hrs a week and live 50 mins away from Quincy College. I can't decide if I should take it.
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    Online Biochemistry Course with Lab

    Hi, Do you know if schools accept online lab courses? Thanks!
  4. Also, it has two catgories for tuition. NM Resident Out of District and Non-Resident. Not sure what the difference is.
  5. Hi guys, I am sorry for being a little repetitive but are any of you actually taking the stats course at Clovis CC in NM? The fact that it is so cheap is making me a little nervous. Do you think all schools will accept it? Do you think it matters where you take the course? I am thinking of taking Statistics and Growth and Development (the schools I am applying to won't accept my research methods course which had a lot of advanced statistics, I was a psych major).
  6. Hi, do you guys know if these places mentioned are accredited? Where can one check accreditation? Thanks!