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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not able to find much about the... Read More

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    Hi everyone. I am new to the Forum, but have been reading through all the pots ad comments and it is awesome.I just received my acceptance letter today for the NP program at Maryville..So excited but nervous. Nursegirl2001 and everyone else who has already began the program, any tips I should know and whats next after the acceptance letter? How do I join the Facebook page? Thanks guys. I think this is awesome.God bless.

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    Hooray and congrats on your acceptance at MVU (Maryville University). It is challenging but doable. I just started my second class and it is a literature review class of evidence-based practice information. We have group assignments, reading assignments, and individual assignments every week. The information is very, very interesting. The first few classes are research courses but we have to have them. You have to know how to write in APA format. If you can do that as well as understanding the content, you're good. Don't be afraid to ask the instructor questions about the assignment. After your acceptance letter you will be sent a form to formally accept your position in the program so be on the lookout for that. Get your financial aid all together so that you are ready to go come enrollment !!! Order your books before classes. The program is intense but it is not impossible. Just manage your time and get the work done promptly. I am elated to be in the program. It can be frustrating at times, but thank God and keep right on pushing and be prayerful more than anything. I ask God to cover me all of the time because I need it. Go to Facebook and go Maryville NP class of 2014...... I believe that is correct.... Every week we have a discussion question to answer and group assignments with articles to use to answer the questions. That is about all that I can tell you. I do not start clinicals until January of 2014 but I have already found clinical sites. Find your clinical sites as soon as you can so that you're not scrambling to do so at the last minute. Be proactive. This is your education so take it seriously and you will be rewarded. I hope that this helps.....Oh and celebrate your acceptance !!!!!!!!!
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    First of all I just want to say congrats to all of you that have been accepted to Maryville's NP program. This is a little bit off subject but I thought everyone in this forum would be the best to answer my question. I am looking at applying to Maryville's NP program but am concerned on which program to choose. There is the FNP and the AGNP. I work in a cath lab right now and really like cardiac. I think I want to stay with cardiac and work with adults. I like the AGNP for that reason, however I have read that it is sometimes better to get your FNP because you are "more marketable" and have opportunity for more jobs as a FNP vs a AGNP. I do not think I ever want to work with pediatrics, but would it still be better to get my FNP for more job options or should I get my AGNP. Any information would be appreciated. I am planning on applying to start in 2013. Thanks, David
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    Thank you for all the valuable information on this school. I am nearly done with my application process to Maryville for May 2013. I'm extremely excited and thanks again for the great topic!
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    Hi David, I was thinking the same about the marketability of the FNP vs Acute care (Adult) and I have several friends who started as fnp then were able to get a post masters cert in acute care. Not sure if that helps, but they're able to go anywhere they want with those credentials. Best of luck in your career!
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    Thanks a lot Nursegirl2001 for a ll the good information ad tips. That has really helped. Now I do kind of have a idea on what to expect. Any you are so right, prayers are of most importance during this time.As far as clinical sites... are you using different clinical sites;example, different hospitals,clinics,etc. I am doing the AGNP..and I was already talking to some Physicians and Nps in my area (San Antonio)..mostly at my hospital.What do you think?Again thank you.I would like to get my books already but I do not know what book I need as of yet. I do know I will begin with NUR 600 tho..Do you know what book I need for that course?Best of luck to you and everyone else in the program or planning to attend.
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    I have read through every post here and have gotten some excellent info from everyone! I have just begun the process, and am getting a second call tomorrow from my advisor to let her know if I want to go through with this. It sounds like it'll be hard work, but it's nice to get feedback on people actually going through the program to shed light on things. I work 3 nights a week and have 2 young children at home, so that was one concern- my other concern, was the cost. Think I will look into loan forgiveness options- does anyone have any good advice on this topic? For those in the program: how many hours per week do you actually spend studying? Thanks everyone, glad I found this thread!
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    LandDRN2007 if you email me we can chat.
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    I was informed today that they got my last recommendation letter and my package is completed. I am hoping to start in May. I hope that Financial aid covers for the summer as well.
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    To all those who were wondering about the program. It has so many glitches and the assignments are pretty unclear, teachers expect somethng different but its not specified, the first class was alright, second class terrible. I'm going to switch to another school at this point as I got accepted into a different school. The program hopefully will improve as time goes on, but at this time I think the general consensus is not very positive at this time from our class. Good luck and maybe it will have improved by the time you all start!

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