2013 UPenn BSN/MSN Applicants - page 41

Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program... Read More

  1. by   feminista_siempre
    Another West Coaster here. I've just starting chilling the champagne. No work today and one of my best girlfriends is visiting from out of state. The plan is crack open the bottle around 11:30. That way it's a win/win situation no matter what the letter says.
    (adding OJ because that makes it socially acceptable. hehe) It feels so great to have everyone's support here in this forum. Without it I would feel obsessive and crazy. Actually, I still feel obsessive and crazy, but at least now I know I'm not the only one. haha
  2. by   FingersCross'd
    So jealous of you westcoasters!! I have been awake and antsy for 7 hours already. I, too, am so thrilled that this forum is so supportive. You all are so so awesome!!!
  3. by   salinn
    Definitely jealous of those who are not working today! I'm a waste of space in my office because I'm so on edge waiting for decision time!
  4. by   hollysf
    So, I am compulsively logging in early and I just want to confirm that I am doing it right. When you attempt to log in are you taken to another screen or do the fields just go blank?

    I assume that when decisions are up I will be taken to a new window?
  5. by   ry425
    KoKe -- She's crate trained so we leave her in the crate when we're gone. I wish we had a laundry room we could gate off but unfortunately the kitchen is the only place we could gate off and there's wayyyyyy too many things she could get herself into. Other than that, she's a cuddly little dog but is VERY playful too
  6. by   SFpnponc
    why cant i access the decisions website?? :/
  7. by   hollysf
    @SFpnponc I am having the same problem. I assume the site will go live at 3:00 EST, or 12:00pm for us on the west coast.
  8. by   FingersCross'd
    Hey hollysf and Sfpnp, you can't sign in at all until they make it available. You can check to see if your username/password is correct by using the PennPortal, if you want. Otherwise on the decision site, it won't go through until it is time. Aaaahhhhh 40 minutes
  9. by   ghostbird
    40 minutes! I love seeing the excitement on this page! Hope everyone is going to have good news! I took the day off today because I had an interview with a school and because I knew I'd be super distracted by the pending release of the admission decision...I am going to go find something to do to distract myself until 12....haha.
  10. by   feminista_siempre
    The Penn Portal should work for you but not this one:
    It is my understanding that we won't be able to sign into that until 3pm EST.

    By the way, all of a sudden, I can't get into Penn Portal... Not that we need it for today, but I just want to make sure that my username and password are right. I get all my different universities' pins and usernames and passwords mixed up. We should be entering the exact same ones that we used for our application, right? (someone mentioned this to me earlier in the forum.) The username and password they generated for you, right?
  11. by   FingersCross'd
    Yes they generated it for you when they gave you access to PennPortal. If it helps you search your email, the emails should have come from eapps
  12. by   adt913
    when i click that link and then enter my email for forgot password and username... it says it cant find my email address!! uh oh!!
  13. by   salinn
    Your application username and p/w are different from your Penn Portal.