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I'm interested in applying to Penn's 18 month Accelerated Nursing Program; however, there is so much work involved I want to make sure it's worth the effort! Are there any Penn nursing... Read More

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    Hey folks,

    I'm new to the post but also applied for this summer (FNP). I wasn't able to interview Monday (flying from UT) but I'm going in next week. Any tips? Insight? How specific was it (like did you talk about specific classes, profs, research, etc)?

    I don't even know who is interviewing me - very general/disorganized info from the office.


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    Hi Wildschmidt,

    I interviewed on 12/7. It was very informal, the interviewer asked me about why I was interested in being an FNP and then we talked about FNP v. ANP v. PNP and the different populations they served. I was asked about volunteer work and my undergrad major, but the majority of the time was me asking questions! So definitely be prepared with questions to ask. The interview was better than I expected, but required initiative on my part since not very much was directly asked of me.

    I would be interested to know how my experience compares to that of the others who interviewed.

    Good luck!
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    my interview was very informal as well.

    i have that same weird experience. i wasn't so concerned about how i answered questions in the interview but rather if i asked the right questions. my interview had a couple questions--why FNP? have you shadowed a practitioner? why penn? but it was mostly of an overview of the clinical process, how I'd go about changing specialties if it came down to it, and when a clinical spot would be available to me. i asked questions, but I dont know if i asked enough questions.

    oh well.

    gonna start on that financial aid.
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    So I had my interview and it also seemed very informal. I asked most of the questions and it seemed much more like a conversation than a true interview. The professor even used the phrase "knocked up" when I asked if any students take time off from the MSN!

    Also, I have to say I'm pretty excited to go to Penn if I get in. The student I spoke to was super excited about the program, and everyone seemed very supportive. Plus the financial piece will be huge for me (independent with very little money).

    They said we would find out the beginning of February so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone!
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    congrats. and welcome to the excitement.

    and thanks for the reminder about the financial aid. i need money to go to penn if i get in, and i still havent finished all my forms. gonna get right on that now. finished the profile, now to mailing my old taxes and that supplement.
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    third thread i'm posting this in as i'm anxious.

    this was on the applicant portal today:
    Admissions decisions for Accelerated Nursing Program applicants have been completed and the Office of Admissions has discontinued the tracking of application materials. All necessary documents were available for review by the Admissions Committee or you would have been contacted directly.
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    ah! i just saw that message on my portal too.
    does that mean our letters are in the mail?!? i've been getting more and more anxious as the days go on- can't take much more of this!
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    I just got an email saying they'll be posted next friday at 3 pm EST!

    https://www.admissions.upenn.edu/dec...mydecision.php with the same username and password as the portal.

    AAHHH! Good luck to everyone!
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    Ahhh! is right.

    Thanks and good luck to you too!
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    i thought it would make it easier, this opportunity to have a deadline date in my head for all this uncertainty to end. but i don't know now, when it was vague i just knew it was a looming presence. now it's here and i'm sure i'll have to distract myself all week.

    happy coping mechanisms week y'all. and good luck.

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