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I'm interested in applying to Penn's 18 month Accelerated Nursing Program; however, there is so much work involved I want to make sure it's worth the effort! Are there any Penn nursing... Read More

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    i thought it would make it easier, this opportunity to have a deadline date in my head for all this uncertainty to end. but i don't know now, when it was vague i just knew it was a looming presence. now it's here and i'm sure i'll have to distract myself all week.

    happy coping mechanisms week y'all. and good luck.
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    yeah that email def gave me some butterflies. but i'm glad they sent it- they are so organized!
    good luck not freaking out all week everyone. happy thoughts.
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    I am sooooo excited/nervous!! Friday cannot come soon enough!! Wishing everyone a great week, and hoping we all get accepted So I guess this means those of us out here in CA will be able to check at 12, since east coast will be 3?
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    the day of reckoning is upon us.

    t- ~6 hours.

    i've had butterflies in my stomach since last night. good luck to all. hopefully i'll be seeing some of you this summer. and to those of us who don't get our wish today, our plans will take us elsewhere but we'll still become the best nurses we can be.

    good luck!
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    I can hardly believe all this waiting is about to come to an end. *deep breath*

    good luck good luck good luck!!!
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    Trying to focus on work...


    Good luck to all!
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    I can't log in. Anyone having luck?
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    i would try logging into the my penn admissions portal using your old username and password and i think there's a help section there.

    then go back to the first site. good luck.

    i got accepted! now have to wait for word on the fnp portion!
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    Thanks for the advice! I got in too! Yippee! Now also have to wait for FNP and Financial Aid!
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    congrats! i'm interested in applying to upenn next year. i was wondering if you guys don't mind putting up your stats and ec's? thanks!
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    Congratulations to all who got in!
    I did too!
    Excited to hear about the FNP part, but I won't be too upset if I don't get into it right now. I am just so happy to have somewhere to go for the BSN portion. Somewhere awesome!
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    I got in as well! It's wierd that we have to wait to hear about the MSN part, transfer credit, and financial aid. But yay!

    Also, is everyone FNP? That's what I am and anxious to hear about that piece!

    Congrats to everyone!
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    i am in for the FNP too!