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Hi. I applied for Temple's New to Practice Program a few weeks ago and just received word that my initial application was accepted. In the FAQ's, it says that applicants will have to take competency exams after they are selected.... Read More

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    RN 83 i got in too. Exciting but scary. What floor did you choose? And angel nurse, how do u like the program?? Any tips or advice? Should I read up on stuff prior to starting? Thanks!

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    Oh and the program starts january 28
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    Missy32 I did have prior experience working as a LPN for two years before getting my RN license. I never did clinical at Temple unfortunately. I did include on my resume that I made the Deans's list twice though. No need to apologize anything I can share to help out a fellow nurse
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    Thats great. Congrats! I couldn't agree more. I picked the ICU & ER for my choices. What floor did you pick? Thanks for telling me the correct date.
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    Thanks for getting back to me on my questions RN83, I only have a little experience as a CNA. Good luck at Temple
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    My pleasure missy32. Some experience in healthcare is better than none. Your experience as a CNA will be valued compared to somone with no experience. Thank you.
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    I just got to find the right place that is going to value it
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    I chose the trauma ortho unit. From what i've heard so far, temple usually gives you your first choice.
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    Val212 great pick. That's awesome that Temple gives you your first pick. I can't wait to start.
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    Missy32. I couldn't agree with you more.

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