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Hello everyone, I am new I am glad to see that there is a site where I can communicate with nurses from all over. I have a question. I recently applied to St joseph Hospital school of nursing located at 8th girard... Read More

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    Their NCLEX pass rate from October 2009 through September 2010 was 58.06%. And that was *after* a bunch of people failed out. 31 people took the NCLEX and only 18 passed. You can see here:

    That means (a) they are not preparing their students to pass, and (b) they are in danger of not getting accredited. I'm not sure how they managed to pull out the higher NCLEX pass rate the year before, but look how few students took the test. That means a lot of students failed out or weren't ready to take the test. Unless you are in a big hurry for some reason, my advice would be to wait until you get into a school with a decent pass rate. And remember that in Philly, many hospitals now only hire BSNs, anyway (not all, by any means). Don't sell yourself short by going to a school that does not seem to do a good job preparing students to take the NCLEX! Just my opinion, of course. Good luck!

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    If anyone wants a chuckle read the school's catalog:

    The program seems more like a marathon rather than any sort of deep education in nursing.

    For some reason Philly loves diploma nursing schools. IIRC it has the highest number of remaining such programs in the United States.

    In it's day St. Joe's was a highly respected nursing school, but after 80 or so years it seems it went the way of most other diploma programs and closed as hospitals preferred college educated nurses. Then in 2006 it was decided in response to the "nursing shortage" to reopen the shuttered school of nursing.

    What is telling are the numbers for 2008. Of the 60 students admitted to the program only 38 graduated with a 95% pass rate (so about what? 36 or so passed the boards?).

    The school is not accredited for students to get federal financial aid, so that means students have to pay the entire amount in cash.

    Even with requiring the following pre-reqs before entry don't see how it's possible to cram what is about 20 months of nursing content (two years, two semesters earch) into fourteen.

    1. Anatomy and Physiology I 4 *
    2. Anatomy and Physiology II 4 *
    3. Chemistry 4 *
    4. English 101 3
    5. English 102 3
    6. Math 3 *
    7. Microbiology 4 *
    8. Medical Terminology 3
    9. Psychology 101 3

    All I can say is run fast and run far. *LOL*
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    st. joseph's hospital school of nursing is it still open. heard they are having problems again with getting the next class since they do not qualify for financial aid. the school still does not have their accreditation after being open for 4yrs. so did the state of pa finally did everybody a favor and close the school since it not providing students with a good education.
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    St Jospeh's Hospital School of Nursing has closed per notice on website posted June 2012.

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