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Psych help in Philly

  1. 0 I am looking for any kind of guidance or advice. I have been an RN for 6 months and and LPN for 3 years. I work predominately in Corrections nursing. I am trying to find an inpatient psych position any info is appreciated on how to find a position, who may be hiring, or any info on how I can better market myself. Any advice is definetely appreciated
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    BUMP. Any insight on psych in Philly?
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    I noticed that Virtua Mt. Holly (South Jersey) just posted a full-time psych position. From center city, Mt. Holly is about 45 min drive.

    New Jersey Registered Nurse Behavioral Health Unit Full Time Days Virtua Memorial Hpae Jobs at Virtua
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    try fairmont out by manayunk. I interviewed with them a little over a year ago. I interviewed with them and they offered me a per diem position. I didn't accept it but, they called quickly after applying to them.
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    Fairmount (in Manayunk), Friends (off Roosevelt), and Brooke Glen (Ft. Washington) are all usually hiring, at least on a PRN basis. I work as a psych tech (starting nursing school this summer), and would say that one of the more important things to focus on is your ability and desire to therapeutically communicate and verbally de-escalate an upset or agitated patient. Any Psych RN experiences (during rotation) that you can focus on in your cover letter? We have some RN's that have worked in corrections at my facility so definitely play up the skills you've learned in that setting as well.
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    Friends hospital has a position open for RN on their careers web page.