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  1. 0 Has anyone heard anything about the programs at Lancaster General College?
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    I work there but did not go there for school. Many of my co workers went there and they are all great nurses and if you are planning on working at LGH you would have an advantage since you would already know there system. Good Luck
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    I take classes there now. Do you have any specific questions? What programs were you looking into?
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    Well, well....I've just sent an application to Lancaster general College of Nursing and Health Sciences with the intnt of starting off in the 2nd year RN ADN program as Advanced Standing(LPN.) Recently found out I need to take the MAT 150 course before doing the 6week assessment module. I'm crossing my fingers my transcripts get in on time so as to register for the math Class. Question to you is: how would you rate or recommend the college? Are you in the clinical portion yet, or still working on your prerequisites? And is it worth the price, currently at $590 per credit hour for nursing courses?
    Thankyou, ur input would be greatly appreciated!
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    Got my acceptance letter today(5/25/2012)...Yeay, can't believe it. Motivation& persistence pays. My application process got a lil' rought at some points, but ow it's all good. Now I trust the good Lord will help me complete my degree.
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    May take a while to get in but definatley worth it, great school and great hospital!!
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    A great school and education! I graduated from the 3 year diploma program back in 1996. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We got MUCH more clinical experience and were MUCH better prepared for 'real world' nursing than many of the BSN prepared grads. Good Luck!!