Drexel University-ACE Program Fall '09

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    I will be attending Drexel University's ACE program in the Fall of 2009. I just wanted to see if anyone else on here is in that class...and the kind of information they have on financial aid for this program and how they are preparing for the fall.


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    Hi Andrea,
    I was just wondering when you found out that you were accepted into the ACE program for Fall of 09. I also applied for that semester and haven't received any news yet. Thanks!
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    Quote from Gucci18
    Hi Andrea,
    I was just wondering when you found out that you were accepted into the ACE program for Fall of 09. I also applied for that semester and haven't received any news yet. Thanks!


    I actually found out back in October-- I had applied to Drexel and another nursing school in June. I was accepted into the other school and needed to let them know my decision by November 1st. I contacted admissions and they were able to transfer me to someone in the ACE program...they worked with me and rushed my decision. So I found out right around Halloween and was able to let the other school know I would not be going there.

    Someone else messaged me in the last few days and they said that they got their letter on 12/15. So I would assume that you should hear soon. If you don't hear by the end of this week I would just call and see if someone can give you any information. I'll check my email to see if I still have the woman I spoke with's name.

    But even though I found out back in October, I haven't really gotten much more information than the acceptance letter, and information about my pre-req's and my advisor. Nothing more.

    Let me know if you get your letter...best of luck!!! And if I still have that lady's name I'll pm you with it.

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    I got my acceptance letter the week before thanksgiving. Does anyone know about where they are living?
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    My application for Drexel Ace is complete now. I am so nervous. I really hope that I get in. Everyone keep me in your thoughts and keep your fingers crossed. :wink2:
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    hi all! =]

    I received my acceptance letter in November and sent in my deposit late December. I'm on a provisional acceptance, since I am currently still attending a different school and will be graduating in May. I received contact info on an academic adviser and also more info about housing and other resources available once attending drexel. I got the other packet with the hiusing info and such after I sent in my deposit...so I'm sure you all will also. As for living arrangements, fortunately I still live near close to the campus so I wont have to live on campus. The next thing to worry about now is how I will be paying for it, so I'm looking for more info about
    I'm excited, yet nervous and scared because of all the information other ACErs talked about...but I guess we'll have to do our best right? If i receive any other info I'll try to keep you all updated. I look forward to meeting you all in the fall! =]

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    Congrats ohitsjojo!
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    congrats on getting into the program!!

    i actually went to drexel on monday to talk to someone about financial aid because i'm stressing big time on how i'm going to pay for it. basically, they told me to apply for fafsa, once i do that i will get financial information from drexel...and by july i should apply to take out a loan. i thought that july was a little late to apply for a loan that i'll need for september but the lady assured me that it wasn't. she also told me that i have plenty of time to figure out all my financial arrangements. the woman was very nice and told me that if i have any questions just to give her a call--they were very helpful there and seem willing to help you out in anyway possible.
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    This is to Jojo and anyone else here who is a Philly native or dweller,

    I'm starting this fall as well. I'll be moving from the midwest, so I'm nervous about finding housing. I would probably need a place to stay for a couple days to check out apartments before committing to a lease. I'm from south Chicago, which can quickly turn sketchy from one block to the next, so I can somewhat relate to Philly.

    Do you have apartment complexes, landlords, or management companies that you would recommend? Also, do you know if universities in the area (including UPenn, Temple, and Drexel) have a classifieds page (sort of like Craigslist) that is student-oriented? I'd like to find a roommate, but don't want to chance it on some sketchy stranger with no university affiliations whatsoever. I don't have a car and on-campus housing plus meal plans would be too expensive. I'll save about $5000 just from cooking at home and finding a roommate to offset rent payments.

    I'm currently trying to get my aid package together. If anyone would like, we could compare notes. Financial info has been fairly skimpy so far.
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    Hello All,

    I am applying to get in for FALL 209 ACE. I am still looking at completing a few prereq;s and completing my application. Does anyone know the likelihood of getting in at this later date? Any news?

    Also, has anyone done their prereq's and where? I'm Canadian, so its harder to find courses here.

    What about co-reqs --anyone prepared beforehand for their nursing courses?

    Thank you in advance!

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