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Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to CCAC for this upcoming Spring semester. What were your stats when you applied? What campus did you select? What are your nursing goals? I applied with a 3.8 GPA with Micro... Read More

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    To those of you who were accepted, congratulations and best of luck! If you were not accepted, do not get discouraged. There are so many great programs in the area that would be lucky to have you. Don't give up! I started the program this past fall and it's very challenging and time consuming, but totally worth it. I don't know if anyone is interested, but I have a CCAC nursing uniform (pant and shirt) size large, never worn with tags and a lab coat I wore once that I put on craigslist today. I purchased these at school through American Discount Uniform and the total for these three things, plus shipping was $74.89, selling all three items for $45.00.

    Here is my ad...
    1 CCAC Nursing Landau 8219 Scrub Top Navy with CCAC emblem and 1 Landau 8335 Flair Leg Pant Navy - Both size large. New with tags. Paid $39.96 for both plus $11.95 shipping fee, selling both for $30.00.

    1 White Lab Coat (style 15000) with CCAC nursing patch size large. Only worn once. Paid $22.98 for coat and patch, selling for $15.00.

    If anyone is interested, you can email me at

    Good luck everyone!!!!
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    Just scheduled my registration & scrub fitting!! Now onto get everything else completed...
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    what campus are you going to pghgirl7?
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    Allegheny Day. I did my criminal background today too & signed up for CPR class and paid for my fingerprinting. I'm going tomorrow to have my titers drawn, get printed, drug test and mail my child abuse clearance. All that will be left is my physical!
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    pghgirl7 where are you going to get titers done? are you doing those before you go to your physical?
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    I'm going down to the health department. I'll go for my physical on either Wednesday or Friday at UPMC Urgent Care, it's $50 there.

    Is the paper with all our titers on it the same paper we use for a physical? There's no height/weight or anything like that on it.
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    im almost positive it is the paper we use for physical. they must not care height/weight, just as long as we are able to perform the necessary tasks. and do you have the prices for the uniforms? if not, i do. i can give them to you
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    Oh yes, that would be great! I didn't get a price list in my packet even though it said there was one.
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    Owe my poor arms! Haha had titers drawn today, TB test & Hep B shot. Got my drug test & fingerprints done too! I'm on a roll!!
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    tunic: crease front pant:
    xs-xl $22.98 xs-xl $18.98
    2x-3x $24.98 2x-3x $20.98
    4x-5x $26.98 4x-5x $22.98

    flare pant: cardigan warm-up
    xs-xl $16.98 xs-xl $24.98
    2x $18.98 2x-3x $26.98
    4x-5x $28.98
    lab coat:
    xs-xl $22.98 t-shirt:
    2x-3x $24.98 xs-2xl long sleeve $12.98
    4x-5x $26.98 xs-2xl short sleeve $12.50

    a tunic, pant and lab coat is required. a warm up cardigan
    uniforms are from american discount uniform. we order them on the registration day but they recommend we visit a retail location (blooms field or lower burrell) and size for proper fit!

    my appointment for shots is next wednesday! was it bad?!?

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