CCAC Fall 2014 Applicants

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    Hello All,

    I am starting a new thread for the upcoming application process for CCAC fall 2014 nursing admissions. I applied for the sping 2014 cohort and was declined due to my gpa, but now I'm hopeful for my first choice for the fall! I can't wait to get the application process started and wish the rest of you the best of luck!!
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    I'm applying as well. I applied for the fall 2013 and did not get in due to my gpa. Really hoping I make it this time. Anyone know if I have to request my high school transcripts again or will they have it from last time?
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    I'm not actually sure. I was wondering the same thing. But I think that it still stays on file with the registrar and when you apply you fill out a request again to have the registrar send over all your transcripts.
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    I'm (hopefully) applying for the fall. I'm going over all the requirements before I apply and the first time I saw it made it seem like if you took high school chem then that would be enough. Now I am reading it again and am getting paranoid. Does anyone know for sure that high school chem is okay or do I need to do it at a college level too?
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    I am applying for fall too! I think high school chemistry is accepted but you might want to call and double check with an advisor. I hear things are always changing.
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    Yeah, I'm going to go talk to them tomorrow to double check. I have everything done except A&P 2, Math (which I am taking now), and microbio. I haven't decided if I will take that this summer or wait till the fall. It would be a huge perk to have only nursing courses to worry about (IF) I get in.
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    Has anyone applied as of yet? If so what are your GPA if you don't mind sharing. I have everything done that needs to be before you can apply even all my science courses...I have a 3.86 GPA. I got denied when I applied for Spring 2014 so I hope that Fall 2014 is my time. This has been the worst struggle of my life to get into nursing school as it probably is for many others. I wish you all the best of luck and lets hope to see acceptance letters in the near future.
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    Hello everybody and good luck. This is my second attempt at earning a spot in the Allegheny evening program and I hope to finally get that elusive acceptance letter for this fall. I was rejected for spring due to an incomplete application; I wrongfully assumed my BS in Biology transcript was sufficient for the app and did not include my high school transcript from years ago. I see cole04 on here again as well, GOOD LUCK to you again! I hope steelersgirl also gets that letter this time around. I will apply as soon as my A in pharmacology is officially corrected, the professor submitted the wrong grade; I had a 98.6% final grade and he submitted a B on my transcript? That class was the most unorganized and taught by a very unprepared professor. The absolute worst academic experience of my life; I'm still dealing with the lack of organization in that class! Should be corrected in about 2 weeks max and then I will submit my nursing application with a hard earned 4.0 at CCAC with A&P I- A, A&P II- A, Microbiology- A, Nutrition- A, Med Term- A, and Pharmacology- A. This time I really do think I will earn a seat, hopefully. Can't wait to begin training as a RN!
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    I applied and have a 3.7 without the bonus points factored in, although I had As in all those courses. Hoping for Boyce fast track!
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    wmr5 I really hope that we all get in this time around. I'm really hoping to earn that seat this time around...don't think I can get another rejection letter.