The cases that break your heart - page 3

Heartbreaking cases are not uncommon in pediatrics... especially in pediatric oncology. I have seen some of the worst of the worst in my 5+ years of pediatric nursing. I've seen kids present with a... Read More

  1. by   Katie13LPN
    I took care of a teenager who I believe was like the way she was because her mother drank during her pregnancy. She had scoliosis and was on a ventilator by the time I was on her case and her legs where very contractured too from her seizures. She loved to play with her marble run and liked her baths.
  2. by   nursemeanie
    Drownings always break my heart...I have yet to take care of a child whose drowning was not 100% preventable
  3. by   juicybath
    There are quite a few kids who will probably live in my head forever. I worked at a Pediatric hospital. One day, a 2 year old was carried in by a social worker after being discovered alone in an apartment with his mother's dead body. She had died of an OD at least 5 days before. Neighbours heard the child crying but I guess it was nothing unusual.
    He was dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight (according to the social worker who had had previous contact with him) I'll never forget the smell. I could barely refrain from vomiting while trying to clean him up. I had to put on two masks and spray the front of the mask with room deodorizer just to be able to get near him. His little body was soaking wet and ice cold. Fortunately, he recovered well with no permanent damage. I often wonder what his life turned out like. I can still see him tucked up in our crib under the warm blankets desperately sucking down a bottle of Pedialyte....
  4. by   stephaniehowe
    I knew better than to read this! I've only been in geriatrics as a nurse and absolutely love it, for me bad days aren't that bad it's a blessing that they no longer are suffering and lived such a long life.

    I began in the medical field as an EMT, one call during my clinical was for SIDs. Walking into that home, watching the parents sob and seeing the lifeless body was too much for me. Coming home to my daughter who wasn't much older that night, all I could do was just rock her and cry. So since I've always steered clear of children. I absolutely love being around children and sometimes enjoy being around mine! I accepted a job as a school nurse and am so excited to get started this year but cringe at the thought of making my first call to CPS. Bless all you pedi nurses!
  5. by   xoemmylouox
    I think sometimes the every day general neglect kids go through can be just as heartbreaking. I had one kid who was in his early teens and weighed over 230#. He wasn't a diabetic yet, but did suffer from Blount's disease. He had 2 surgeries with little relief in the long term. I often wonder if he ever lost any of the weight.. His mother never took him for physical therapy let alone to a gym. The only thing she would buy for food was junk food and fast food. Sad.