Support for PICU Nurses at Children's Hospital & Research Center

  1. 8 I thought I would start a separate thread as a space to send good thoughts, encouragement, prayer, or supportive comments for our peers, the PICU nurses of Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland. To my fellow nurses, I have stood where you're standing. To continue to care and give your all in the midst of challenge, trials, and heartbreak shows your qualities. Take care of yourselves. May your hearts heal and I wish you peace in this storm. On the hospital's website, you can donate ito Children's in honor of the PICU nurses if you wish. It lets you specify a fund and even to give in honor of a person/group.
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    My prayers and good wishes out to them also.

    Just hear on the news that they were able to transfer that child to another facility, probably a pedi LTAC-capable one. Keeping the identity quiet for obv reasons.

    Prayers for that staff also.
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    I was wondering what it would be like to have to care for that family. My thoughts and prayers are with the Oakland nurses.
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    Agreed. If you are reading this, you have our love and prayers!
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    To the CHO PICU staff:

    I wish to express my support, my gratitude, and my pride in your care of Jahi McMath and her family.

    Please be at peace.
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    Hopefully the hospital has provided the staff with debriefings and counseling.
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    I've thought about these nurses so much during the past several weeks. You have our love and concern. Thank you for all you do. Take time for yourselves and know that you have so much love and support coming in from all over the US and beyond.
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    I think the professionalism and care that all the nurses have showed in the care of this poor unfortunate child in spite of her families alleged behavior is an example that we should all be proud difficult it must have been all these weeks coming in and out of work, dealing with the press presence, dealing with the families disruptive behavior in the ICU and the stress to the other families. It had to be exhausting beyond belief. Kudos to a job well done! We stand right bedide you!

    Nursing is not for the faint of heart....((BUG HUGS)) to all the nurses involved in this case.

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