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Hi Nurses!! I am a student working as a nurses aid at a pediatric hospital. I am in LOVE with my job. My patients and my coworkers are phenomenal! Whenever I discuss my job with non-medical friends and family, EVERYONES... Read More

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    It can be sad for some....But it can be very rewarding to provide comfort and knowledge to the patients and their families.....and especially if you know the patient for awhile, I think it is exciting to watch them progress!

    It is more emotionally devastating to the families of children with profound illness/injuries which can be difficult. I sort of think that the skills it takes to deal with those issues with an adult, is just about the same for a child.

    Lots of times the children themselves dont suffer emotionally like an adult would...and for me I find comfort in that. A younger child won't comprehend what a profound illness means to them and have that sense of loss and depression that an adult pt with a life and a job and friends/family would experience.