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Ok so child comes in with laceration to the hand. 12 years old, about 5'5'' and weighs 260lbs. Big boy. The MD who was suturing was not his PCP, just there to take care of the urgent task. As she wassuturing, the child keeps... Read More

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    Quote from blueshift
    This is not true of most low-income neighborhoods...have you heard of food deserts? Look at Detroit...there's not one chain grocery store in the entire city. You can check out street after street on Google Maps Street View...find one supermarket. It's hard. Most people shop at the typical Beer Wine Lotto Check Cashing We Accept EBT corner stores.
    Actually it is true. We had this discussion on another thread a while back. I looked up a number of the poorest zip codes in the US and then did a search of the availability of healthy food, including smaller grocery stores and produce stands. Most or maybe all had sources of healthy food nearby (I'm still trying to find that old thread).

    I did look up food deserts, and some info about them. One of the criteria the US uses is that there is not a supermarket a mile or less away. They don't count any other type of retail food outlet. Another study discovered that even when there was a supermarket that close, people still bought the same junk food they did before.

    I know Detroit is like a ghost town in a lot of areas, but the US poverty level is an income of $23,500 or less. This represents millions of people. I just don't agree with the idea that there are that many people who would be eating healthy if only they could get to a store. I can see with my own eyes the large city I've lived in for over 50 years that low-income neighborhoods have small, sometimes ethnic grocery stores, produce stands and street vendors.

    I found this Food Desert Locator and discovered that there are two areas in Santa Barbara that are supposedly food deserts. Since Santa Barbara is one of the most affluent cities in the country, I can only assume the food desert is a mountain with two cabins on it, and both residents are on disability.

    As far as McDonalds goes I was thinking more along the lines of offering milk instead of soda and apple fries (yuck) instead of french fries in a Happy Meal, but you're right those salads are yummy!

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