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  1. 0 I am 6 months into my first year at a peds office and I keep getting sick. I have missed two weeks of work already. I can't take being sick all the time. I am exhausted. Is this going to get better? Am I going to constantly be sick until the summer?
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    I am in second semester for LPN program and have been sick non stop! Probably due mostly to stress! Rest, get exercise, take vitamins- and always think positive!
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    it will get better! When i started at my first school (aka germ factory) as a school nurse (aka germ wrangler) I was sick for 2 months straight. It seemed after I had been exposed to a bit of everything, that I stopped getting sick so much. just hang in there, drink tons of fluids and never, never under estimate the power of home made chicken soup!!
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    Hang in there!!! I've been in a peds office for the past 11yrs. My first year I had pneumonia, pink eye 4 times, and kept nasal congestion. Now, I can't get sick!! Lol (knocking on wood)
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    I've been a pediatric nurse for 5 years and I almost never get sick. I can count on my hands the number of times I've had to use a "sick day"... and some of those days were used for a sprained ankle and getting stranded in Texas. Less than a handful of times have I had to call out sick.
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    You should be fine. Peds is quite a challenge at times but it is very rewarding. Just make sure you use good hand hygiene and a face mask if needed. Sometimes we like to get really close to children because they are so tiny and cute, plus they are smaller than us so we have to get really up close to get a good sense of what is going on with them. Just hang in there it will get better. Make sure you rest, drink plenty of fluids, and have your three meals. As nurses we like taking care of others but often put ourselves last. Take care and good luck, Melissa
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    I hope it gets better. I have missed about 8 days in the past two months. I am exhausted and my office manager and the drs are saying I have been missing to much work. With the bad flu season I am getting even more concerned. I am nervous I will get that too.
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    I was sick all the time my first year in nursing. Peds ER, plenty of germs to go around! Make sure you are eating well, getting plenty of rest, taking time to unwind to bolster your immune system.
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    I was constantly sick for the first...maybe 4 months? Then my immune system started waking up! It's normal. Just use that hand cleaning gel and clean everything! Alcohol wipes on keyboards, mouse, clipboards... everything!
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    I started in a WIC clinic 6 months ago after working night shift and was exhausted all the time! Thought it was due to the switch from nights to days, but three months into it I knew that wasn't it. Went to the doctor and Epstein Barr came back high. She said I had a "reactivation" of mono. Well, 6 months later...still feeling exhausted and going to bed every night at 8 pm, lymph nodes in my neck are the size of marbles, and I'm constantly getting sick.
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