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Hello all from the confused daughter of a patient. My mom has been on Jevity for 8 years now, fed through a drip all night long, peg site. For years she hooked herself up at night at bedtime etc... Read More

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    The problem is not that she knows how to start the pump. The problem is that there are state and federal regulations that actually prevent it. Unless the facility follows what the state and federal regulations require there can be problems. I know the facility is not following regulations by starting her feedings late, not getting the feedins at all and medication errors, but if the family follows the rules, the problem will not come back on them. I made the recommendations about meeting with the DON and MDS nurse and requesting a physician order for the daughter to do her tubefeeding and a careplan to reflect this. Actually the surveryors like to see that families are interacting with residents and staff this way. If the staff would go ahead and do this it would actually save them time in the long run.
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    well i'm off my boy's i pod and on my computer!! i understand your anxiety. my mother and father are both elderly and in poor health .. Jevity is a nutritional supplement .. you had to bring your own pump to the care center? they didn't have their own ?? how weird is that? you need to meet with the DON and get this problem fixed so your anxiety level decreases.. i am soo sorry you have to go through this.. this problem should not have happened .. but since it has ..they need to help you fix it for your mom's health and also your health .. i would feel the same way you do... please keep us posted on what happens.. i'm interested to know how your mom is doing... i love this website because you get a lot of different opinions and thoughts.. we may not always agree but everyone's heart is in the right place !!
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    Let me start this by saying that I work night shift in a LTC facility with 46 patients (ranging of levels of care) OF MY OWN that I have to manage and ensure their meds are given within the time frame and two of them are PEG tube patients (one with a bolus every 4 hrs and one with feedings like your mom) and I have never had a problem getting feedings started/finished on time. There's no excuse. you definitely need to talk to someone about this because it is terrible she has to miss therapies and activities and all that stuff because a nurse a little lazy to learn how to work equipment. (and not to be ugly, but off all the machines i work with a feeding pump is the easiest!) and shame on them for not responding to a call light for 45 minutes, that is by definition negligence. And as long as there is a doctors order stating the family can start and stop and retain ALL RESPONSIBILITY for her feeding, i wouldn't see a problem. We, as nurses, can keep a check on everything else (fluid overload, skin breakdown/irritation, lab values,..... all of that)

    But any nurse, if they were called to be in this profession, would find the actions of the nurses your mom is with ridiculous and unacceptable. Plus its not that hard to just make your mom the first resident to see at med pass which in my facility starts at 9pm.
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    I agree with the poster that stated you should speak to the DON about getting a MD order to administer the tube feeding and to put it in the care plan. We like to see our patients able to do these things themselves (if able). It keeps them independent and gives them a sense of control.

    I'm sorry you're going through this and the DON has been of no help!
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    Hello again

    Well we have decided to move my mother. It is too far from my home and work but actually will be 20 minutes closer for my sister each way. We have visited the new facility and were assured that they will have no problems with the feedings, in fact they said they seldom use "temp" nurses. We spoke with another patient who refered us to her local doctor there in town and my mom's current doctor knows him and gave the thumbs up. So while I will be doing a lot more driving, I already feel a little less stressed about the whole situation.

    One problem though is that my mother now has an open pressure wound. I guess we need to find out if the new facility will accept her with this wound, if not this would be a real letdown. Mom REALLY wants to get out of the current place and when we told her she has to wait for an open bed at the new place, she said "I'll sleep in the hall".

    Thanks again and I'll try to keep you posted.
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    I agree with georgianurse that there is no excuse not to get the feedings started on time. I have had, up to 20 or so, feedings to start and keep track of at different times, with my residents and managed to do so, along with my med passes and other duties. Where there is a will, there is a way.
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    Hope your mom is able to move to the new facility. Sounds as if it will be better for her and the family.
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    I am sorry to hear that she has developed a pressure sore, but at the same time I am not surprised. I still suggest that you call and report this facility to the state complaint people. The new facility should not have an issue with taking your mother with a wound, but until you get her moved be very vigilant, because the wound can get worse. She could get septic and end up in the hospital. Make them show you the wound if you can stand to look at the area. Some people can't. Good Luck. Keep us in the loop with the move.
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    Hello again

    My mom did get worse, she is in the hospital with sepsis and other problems. I wanted to come back and thank you all and to thank Veronica for telling me to be vigilant about her open wound. It looked to me like it was getting worse and when her temp got up to 100.5 the nurse poo-pooed the idea that she needed to go to the hospital "yet" but I decided not to take any chances. At the hospital they said that she has a good chance but only because we got her there right away. She has been in the hospital for about 8 days now and seems to be a lot better though the wound is worrysome still. Her spirits are much better now that she is getting better care.
    Hopefully we will get her into the other facility when she is discharged from the hospital, they still have a bed available. If not I will take her home and take a family care leave from work. She does have Veteran's benefits that will help with home care.
    And yes I am filing a complaint with the state regarding her previous facility.

    Thank you for your concerns and for your good wishes, she is a trouper!
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    I am sorry to hear that your mother got sicker. If you take her home, home health can help you with a bed, special mattress, shower chair, lift etc. Good luck. Please do remember to make a complaint to the state.

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