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I am working as a PCT and bought some Allegria shoes. They are somewhat comfy legs and feet are numb by the end of a shift. I got these based on suggestions by nurses but am now realizing that I do more walking and... Read More

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    I like Nike and Adidas cross trainers or running shoes for my work as a CNA. I wear good ones that support my feet well, like the same ones I would use to run a few miles outside. I've recently purchased the dansko XP Pro with metatarsal support. If your danskos fit right, it should feel like you're not wearing shoes, they are not constrictive at all, kind of like crocs. Today's is only my 2nd shift in danskos, so that's all I can say about them.

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    Both Dansko clogs and Nurse Mates (plain black leather) are good. Tried tennis shoes but I prefer solid leather between me and the "other stuff."
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    I have knee/hip issues and my Dansko's are the only shoes I can wear for a 12 hour shift and still be able to walk the next morning. I have no complaints of stiffness or sore joints/feet since I got them. The first couple shifts they were uncomfortable but once they break in they're fantastic. They're definitely worth the investment!
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    I wear Kalso Earth Shoes...they aren't very well known, but after 8 hours on the unit as a CNA my feet don't ache at all. The shoes have a heel that is lower than the toes (like when you are walking barefoot on a beach and your heels sink in)...this helps with your posture as well as providing great support for your feet.
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    Dansko's are THE BEST!! I had nurse mates, but by the end of my shift my arch was KILLING me! I switched to danskos a fews ago and will never go back!
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    Landau's and Nike Free-Run's are very comfy!
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    Danskos! They are worth every penny!
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    I have been wearing running shoes, but I'm going to just get a good pair of issue combat boots. Once you break them in they're like butter.
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    I love Dansko's. I have worn the Dansko Professional clog for over 15 years (for pleasure cause they feel that great). The initial cost outlay can be a bit steep but when you calculate out how long they'll last they are absolutely worth the price. My legs don't get tired and my feet don't hurt even after being on my feet all day. I just ordered a new pair (pastel flower). Can't wait to see them!!

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