PCTs giving injections!

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    I have seen so many posts on here saying that PCTs are giving injections and even starting IVs!! I live in Texas and have NEVER heard of this. Some PCTs here get trained in phlebotomy & EKG but that's about it. I would love to be able to do those things!! Does anyone know if giving I injections and starting IVs is allowed in Texas? Maybe I'm just out of the loop?

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    I've heard of CNA's in hospitals inserting Foleys.
    I think these laws vary from state to state which I find very annoying :uhoh21:
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    Our CNAs insert foleys. They are trained though. When I was a PCT I could draw blood.
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    Yea I've heard that.. But never IVs and injections.
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    I haven't heard of that here in Southern California. That would be very cool though! We can only D/C things, not insert or start.
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    I know wouldn't that be awesome!?!? I saw several posts yesterday saying that though and I was like WHAT!? I'm about to start a new job so I was hopeful that I would learn how to do those things, but I don't think so.
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    PCT's in Texas can do anything their facility defines as their scope of practice. With that being said, make sure you are aware of your scope of practice in your facility and level of training/checkoffs needed. Texas does not define what a PCA/PCT can do or even is, that is left to the hiring facility.

    At my facility, I start IV's, draw labs, do EKG's, Foley's, dressing changes, etc. The drawback to being able to do a lot of things is that I have to go to a lot of training and maintain quite a bit of credentialing. I still do not give injections or meds in the facility, I only get to do that when working on the ambulance(or nursing clinicals).
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    I can insert and DC foleys, Iv's, do blood draws I learned it in my program. But when you say injections do you mean Medication Injections? They may be a med tech. Cause I certainly never learned how to do injection is PCT Program.
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    At my job we can insert/dc foleys and EKGs. At the previous hospital I worked at about 8-12 years ago, the techs could also draw blood. However, at most of the facilities I've been in since, the nurses do not draw blood at all. Lab will do it.
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    I work as a PCT in a ED and we insert and d/c foleys, do wound care, splint, EKGs, some patient teaching such as crutches, d/c IVs, and so on. About the only thing we don't do is start IVs or draw blood but our nurses RARELY draw blood either it is generally done by the lab. We also can not do anything concerning meds. We also change a lot of beds and take out a lot of garbages as well as stock rooms, pass linens, and constantly clean lol. I will occasionally do vitals on new patients and take a brief history or report from the EMTs if we are REALLY busy. I am not sure if the other PCTs do this or not, I actually have to be careful that the nurses don't ask me to do things that are far outside my scope b/c they know I am a nursing student and an unlicensed LPN. I don't thing they do it intentionally and more often than not they are actually just trying to teach me new things but sometimes I am not sure they are fully aware of what I am supposed to and not supposed to do. I will say this though, as a student I have learned 200x as much in a week of work as a PCT than in a year of clinicals. If there are any other nursing students considering working as a PCT...DO IT!

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