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  1. livelifeloveRN

    How long did it take for you to get your job after license?

    It took me 10 long months in Southern California. I had a pretty kick butt resume too (If I do say so myself). Ended up with my dream job so it all worked out. Now a year and a half post BSN - a lot of my classmates are still job hunting. It's hard out there !
  2. livelifeloveRN

    If you werent a nurse, what other career would you do?

    Lawyer. I love nursing SO much more, but in an alternate universe I think I would also be good at that.
  3. livelifeloveRN

    ATI Live Nclex Review

    My school made this mandatory; but I don't think I learned ANYTHING from it. Overall it was mostly a bunch of games/book activities/acting out scenarios. We were all just so happy school was over that no one took it seriously anyways. For me it was a waste of time, but I did learn a lot from the ATI nclex review assessments
  4. livelifeloveRN

    Will be relocating to orange county after school!

    It took me 10 months to finally get a job here in OC, with my BSN cum laude, and 2.5 years PCT experience. Most hospitals say they get about 400-800 applicants per posting - the market is just so over saturated with new grads. If your only reason for moving out here is for a change of pace, I would very seriously advise against it until you have actual RN experience under your belt. If relocating is the only option, I would immediately enroll in a BSN bridge program, network like crazy, and be prepared to look into LTC if necessary. I hope that wasn't too negative, but I wish I was more fully prepared for the long journey before I graduated.
  5. livelifeloveRN

    How long did it take you to get your first RN job?

    Southern California - Took 10 months after NCLEX for a job offer
  6. One of the last interviews I went on said they interviewed 8 people for the 1 spot
  7. livelifeloveRN

    PCT to RN

    I worked as a PCT for 2.5 years and didn't get hired at my hospital due to a hiring freeze. Several other PCTs who were hired before the freeze were automatically put into the program. Like the others mentioned - you have to be liked to get recommended, but situations may arise where it isn't guaranteed. But no matter what, that experience puts you way ahead of everyone else!
  8. livelifeloveRN

    CNA after first year of nursing program

    I was offered two CNA positions without my license. Most facilities will hire someone without a license after completing their first semester in nursing school; some facilities require it. The job posting itself should state if it is required or if nursing school is sufficient enough. The job hunting process can take a long time, regardless if you have your CNA license or not, so maybe that is why you aren't getting call backs right away. Last resort, you can call HR or get the license and it will look good on your resume.
  9. livelifeloveRN

    10 Toughest Nursing Interview Questions (Part 3)

    I don't know if this is the right place, but I was asked these two questions that I hadn't heard before. Hopefully it will help someone practice if they run into a similar question like this in their own interview: What are some advantages and disadvantages of having a career in nursing? In what situation have you ever questioned your decision to go into nursing?
  10. livelifeloveRN

    UCI New Grad RN 2014

    Has anyone been contacted for the Perinatal interviews yet?
  11. livelifeloveRN

    Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    I just wanted to give a quick update from my decision to apply in ND. Less than 24 hours after I applied to the position/speciality I've always wanted, the HR recruiter called to warn me about the VERY HIGH cost of living in Williston, ND and if I was still interested. Due to the oil boom, Williston ND is now the most expensive place to live in the country. "A 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Williston costs an average of $2,394 a month"; Link for reference --> (Rent in Williston, N.D. tops averages in New York City and Los Angeles - NY Daily News ). Of course this doesn't mean the entire state costs that much, but at least 2 cities in ND are now in the top 5 most expensive cities in the U.S. soooo....I think that idea is over for me.
  12. livelifeloveRN

    Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    Wow, I really appreciate your post Delgadido. I'm currently almost 10 months post BSN graduation with 2+ years CNA experience and can't get an RN position anywhere. I am extremely lucky to live in Southern California, but the job market here is close to impossible. Even if I did get an offer, I pretty much can guarantee it won't be in the speciality I desire. I know the cost of living here in CA is high but it's hard to wrap my brain around working the same amount of hours for half the pay. I just applied to a posting in ND, and would have to think really hard about relocating there - but I'm getting close to desperate...
  13. livelifeloveRN

    I finally accepted a job offer

    What state do you live in??
  14. livelifeloveRN

    new grad rn- can't find a job

    Don't feel too bad for not working as a CNA in NS. I've worked as a Patient Care Technician in a hospital for two years while I was in school, I worked my butt off so I would have my foot already in the door and some acute care experience to put on my resume...Well so far my hospital doesn't have any New Grad positions and no other hospitals have really shown any interest either. - 4 months post BSN in So Cal
  15. livelifeloveRN

    CNA first to get network and experience?

    Absolutely! The knowledge and experiences will put you so far ahead of the other students and make you a better nurse...the networking is just a plus
  16. livelifeloveRN

    New PCT in the ER

    PCTs in my ER may also be asked to be a safety attendant for a patient on 5150