Iv cath insertion class

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    Hi was just wondering are there any pcts out there that have takin a iv Cath insertion course or did you learn on the job because i was thing about taking a course because i am already have PCT and im a CMA AND I ALSO HAVE MY CNA would you think it would look good to put on a resume

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    it will make you resume stand out among others. However, PCT's to insert IV cath.
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    are not allowed*
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    At the hospitals I work at and do clinicals at, ER Techs are the only techs in the hospital that start IVs. That's the reason I wanted so badly to be one. It's the reason why they will only hire EMT-Bs and nursing students.

    For all other tech positions, being skilled at IV starts won't help at all since its not part of there job.

    Have you heard back from your job interview?
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    In the ER where I work, our PCTs start IVs. At a previous job (in a different hospital), the techs could do peripheral sticks. That hospital also had a policy that allowed "student nurse techs" (i.e. techs in nursing school) to start IVs.

    At my current job, the PCTs have to perform a certain number of supervised IV starts during their orientation.
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    No i havent heard back from the job yet and thanks every one
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    If your a CMA, I assume you already have taken a phlebotomy class. I dont think it's a big leap from drawing blood to IV cannulation, at least not anything that couldnt be taught fairly quickly on the job. So I dont think it would be worth taking a class.
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    The PCTs in the ED are the only ones allowed to do this. They are usually all nursing students. We also have an IV team in the hospital. It is a nurse who we call & she comes right to the floor. Her only job is to start IVs and make rounds to replace them. So it would be a waste of time, IMO.
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    Where I used to work as a NT (nurse tech), we were allowed to start IV's. We didn't have to take a course; the knowledge came from nursing school. We had to insert a few with supervision, though. Afterwards, we were allowed to do it on our own.

    ER techs generally insert IVs, as well, though most of our techs are EMTs, but not all. Not sure if they are required to take a course on inserting IVs.
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    I just got a job they offer iv training so i want as much experience as i can

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