Internal Medicine/Telemetry Unit

  1. Can any one tell me what it is like working on the internal medicine/telemetry unit as a PCT? Routies, duties or responsiblities? This may have already been asked but if you dont mind answering it again I will really appreciate at.
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  3. by   missnurse01
    usually you are assigned 'x' number of pt's and you do everything for them. As well as help out anywhere else. So, vitals every 4 hours, helping with baths, to and from the bathroom, etc. Some places you guys check blood sugars. Help the nurse with wound changes or anything in your scope of practice. It really depends on where you work. Some places you stock the room at the end of your shift and empty to trash and f/c's.

    good luck
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    I worked on an internal med/telemetry unit as a PCNA (patient care nursing assistant). I did 12-hour days for awhile then switched the nights.

    We had x number of patients per each PCNA. It depended on how many PCNAs were working. We did vitals (since it was a tele floor they were Q4H), answered call lights, helped patients with toileting/feeding/basic care, check blood sugars, tidy up/stock the rooms, get blood from the blood bank (believe it or not ), do I&O's. If a patient was being discharged, we were allowed to d/c the IV and foley if the patient had one.
  5. by   CPCTColeman
    Thanks you guys. That's some of what the nurse told me an more. I had an interview yesterday and then later that day they called me to fill out a paper online for my references. So I really hope that's a good sign and once they get the feed back I do get the job. I really cant wait to begin my career as a PCT and learn everything there is to learn. The place I applied for was Ochsner Hospital off Jefferson highway in Louisiana. Thanks about the shift info too. I know the position is full time and I told the women I was looking for days.
  6. by   KBICU
    PCTs on my tele unit are cross trained to do phleb and be telemetry monitor techs in addition to all the things mentioned above so it just depends on your facility.
  7. by   FurBabyMom
    I would agree with the others. I worked as a PCA/SNA (Patient Care Associate/Student Nurse Associate) at a large university hospital system when I was in nursing school. I worked in the float pool. Big mistake. Just kidding. I kind of liked the float pool. I got a lot of exposure to different units without committing to any one unit. And the variety was pretty awesome.

    Things I did as a PCA/SNA: vitals (anywhere from q1-q4/q8 depending on the unit I was on), venipuncture/phlebotomy for labs, collected urine and stool samples, collecting and documenting intake and output, helping patients to the bathroom, helping patients eat, baths/assisting with ADLs, accuchecks, obtaining 12 lead EKGs (hooking the machine up and printing the papers). Sometimes I was put 1:1 or 1:2-3 with patients needing a sitter (couple of those patients straight up tried to kill me). I generally brought homework with me to work - cause we could work on homework/school/quiet non-electronic stuff if assigned to sit with patients (if patient was asleep) or if we were assigned to work as a unit clerk on a floor.

    Hope this helps! Best wishes, hoping you get the job!
  8. by   CPCTColeman
    Yes you guys I got the job. I'm so excited. It's a full time position that means 40 hours a week but I don't know my schedule yet. Do any I you know exactly how many days a week a full time PCT works?
  9. by   jonesel
    Congrats girl!!! I'm ready for these 10 weeks of PCT to be over so I can apply and hopefully get a job!
  10. by   virgolove34
    Quote from FutureNurseColeman
    Yes you guys I got the job. I'm so excited. It's a full time position that means 40 hours a week but I don't know my schedule yet. Do any I you know exactly how many days a week a full time PCT works?
    Congrats.. Can I ask you something? How are you during interviews? Are you talkative or what? Idk I just need some tips. I'm a somewhat timid person at first. I had an interview yesterday and I think it went horrible. I answered her questions but I took a while to answer because they caught me off guard. I have two interviews Thursday and I want to be really good because that's the hospital I want to work at.
  11. by   CPCTColeman
    Thanks you guys Im so happy and excited and cant wait to get started.

    @Virgolove24 during interviews I am very nervous I am not going to lie but I dont let it get to me to much. I just take my time and listen to the questions they ask me and take my time answering them with the best answer I can give. Alot of the questions asked of me during my interview was different situations I have dealt with or how would I deal with them. I am not very talkative at all. I just try and answer thier questions but dont try to over do it just stay on point but make sure I make my point and they get it. There is nothing wrong with being nervous they expect that. Just be your self. You are going to be caught off guard by some of there questions just like I said listen to the question before you answer it and then answer it the best way you know how. LIke I dont have any acually health care exsperience but the things I will be doing like giving baths, feeding, help move people, and watch for someone change in condition is stuff I do every day with my child and growing up with my grandparents.
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    @Futurenursecoleman.. Thank you so much girl. Im so hoping I do good on my interview tomorrow. I appreciate you taking the time to give me those tips. And good luck with your new job!!