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How much do you make as a tech?

  1. 0 Let's compare hourly pay. Please state you city:

    St. Louis, MO: $12.75 (plus differential for weekend/might)
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    Georgia:starts at $10 in the hospitals.
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    Suburbs of Chicago: $18.00hr (starting pay) Been a CNA for about 2yrs (at other hospitals)
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    Portland OR level one adult ER and seperate level two peds ER.16.50 plus differentials 1.00 evenings 2.00 nights. That was after 5 years,started in 2005 at 13.50. I think the current starting pay is 14.00 plus differentials.
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    Hartford County , Ct. I earn $18 , keep in mind that is with 14 years at this current job, 3 years we didn't get any raises, 2 other years we got cost of living increases-- but each pca got a different amount depending on amount of pay ( those that were htere 3 month got a dollar, while others got 33 cents) . I think the current startis around $13
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    Oklahoma City, OK: I'm making $11.45/hr as an AUA(Advanced Unlicensed Assistant: same thing as a PCT across the nation), differentials are $1 weekend and $1 nights, after 2 and a half years of being a CNA. Oklahoma has a pretty low cost of living.
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    $15-16/hr. central illinois
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    $19.21/hr-ventura, ca
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    Springfield OH, $9.80 to start.
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    $19.18 Los Angeles, CA
    $15.56 Long Beach, CA
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    $14.00 no ecperience
    Western suburbs of Chicago, IL
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    I am a Resident Care Assistant in an assisted living facility in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and I started with $11/hour and no experience . When I interviewed for a home care agency, they were offering me $12/hour, but it involved a lot of driving. I still didn't get a raise.
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    Started off at $20.39 as a per diem ER Tech at a union hospital here in Ventura County,CA. It's about $2.50 differential for night shift.