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  1. ARNP or Administration?

    Bringing this topic up. I am in the same situation and chose director of nursing position. Did not want the opportunity to pass since it may never come back. Just wondering what you decided to do when u were making this decision and are you glad abou...
  2. Adverse drug effects

    I am preparing an educational session for our nurses about the adverse drug effects and patient education. So far we have a brochure that lists various medications and most frequent side effects to give out to our patients and it does not seem to wor...
  3. Sedation vacation for pt on paralytics

    Thank you all for your input.
  4. Hi! I have a question for the ICU nurses. I am a student, therefore, I do not have experience but I have curiosity. I know that sedation vacations help to prevent VAP, but how about patients that are getting paralytics, who are sedated with propofol...
  5. Is 2 yrs really accelerated?

    I think you've made great decision. Let me be honest. You will hate nursing school and then you will love it :) As it comes to clinicals, most of my clinicals were on Saturdays only, from 6:30am till about 3-4pm. One clinical rotation I had Saturdays...
  6. How much do you make as a tech?

    $14.00 no ecperience Western suburbs of Chicago, IL
  7. Is this pay too low?

    I just started working as a PCT with no experience, altough I'm in my last semester in BSN. I'm getting paid $14 day shift, with differentials $1 for weekends and $21 overtime.
  8. Is 2 yrs really accelerated?

    I'm graduating from Lewis accelerated program in August. So far non of the semesters seemed to be light. It was pretty mcuh very intense. Some of our cohort quit because of the stress and intensity. Some went to traditional cohort so that they can go...
  9. Conflict situation

    Ok so here is a deal. It the dr calls you stupid but the great deal is that the dr forgot to place an order that's why certain things were not done. How would you tell this to the dr?
  10. how i passed NCLEX on my first attempt

    Congratulations :) Great study guide, kept a copy for myself (graduating in August).
  11. Priority Nursing DX

    Well, your first patient would be 88 yo w/asthma. Even healthy people can have some risks for the diseases due to their life style. Asthma is a chronic disease so these patients will always have some dx. For example priority dx could be Ineffective a...
  12. SOS!!!!! Research ideas...:)

    When I had to do mine I picked pressure ulcers in pediatrics. It is not a lot of research done in this area, but it is an important topic.
  13. Lewis BAC/BSN Program and their new KAT test, what is that????

    I was taking the examin January the file was reviewwd in March, however people who took exam in March had their file reviewed right after the exam.
  14. Lewis BAC/BSN Program and their new KAT test, what is that????

    You have to check with your advisor. Sometimes they can put people on a waiting list if places opens up.
  15. Lewis BAC/BSN Program and their new KAT test, what is that????

    Thank you so much for the advise!