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Let's compare hourly pay. Please state you city: St. Louis, MO: $12.75 (plus differential for weekend/might)... Read More

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    Initially I made 12.50ish an hour. Then I became a unit clerk at 12.68 but I received a pay adjustment for 12.96. Then I work as a medic and I made 16.50. Plus an extra dollar for night shift and an extra .45 per hour for weekends.

    Some techs make about 10.40 in our competitors' area. Some of the pcts for some reason make only 11.80 an hour. I think they calculate certs into it too since the only difference between me and my coworker was that I had an EMT and was going to get my medic in a few weeks.

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    Thanks for the info i appreciate it! I make 11.18 now as a cna/med aide and thats after being at my job for 4 years. Nice to know ill possibly get started out more than what i currently make. One more question, do you know if OU has any tuition assistance? Im interested in going for nursing & think that getting into a hospital would give me more experience and a better opportunity to become a nurse.
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    When I started at the hospital as a CNA I started at $13/hr. then finally an opening as a tech came along(which I was certified as) and my rate was $18/hr now I'm making $21/hr. the hospital I work for is now making the CNAs get additional training to become techs n if they don't pass they don't have a job..they're also phasing out the LPNs who a lot of are becoming techs. The techs where I work do everything from blood draws, IVs, tube feedings, patient care, EKGs, etc..
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    Dubuque, IA

    I work as a CNA at a hospital and I make base pay $10.31/hr, plus $1.50 diff for evenings, or $2.60 diff for nights.

    When I worked at a LTC facility, I made $10.75/hr base pay, but the environment was not as good.

    At our hospital, a CNA is the same thing as a Patient Care Tech. I don't understand the comments about taking more classes to become a tech... can someone explain that to me?
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    A PCT has a phlebotomy and EKG certification on top of the CNA certification. Where I work we pretty much do everything except give meds and take orders.
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    $14.65 in Upland, CA
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    OR Tech at an ambulatory surgery center, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, $20.00/hr, no nights, weekends or holidays!

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    Sorry I don't know where to post my question so I'm posting it here. I am actually a culinary student. School starts again this fall but I need extra money. I'm applying for ER tech.Shift 3 11 pm-7am. I've never worked in the hospital or have any medical knowledge despite my whole family are nurses. I have another job on the weekend but it's not enough. I'm kind of scared to apply because I guess I don't know anything. And my mom is a nurse for the hospital I'm working at. What do you guys think? I'm willing to learn and I guess I kind of want to try it out since everyone are always pushing me to go towards nursing. I love cooking but what I make doesn't pay my bills.
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    I work at a rehabilitation hospital in northern california and make 10.56 with 1.00 differential for nights and 1.00 for weekends. I also have 3 years CNA experience.
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    $12/hr in MI

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