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i am wondering if a percocet or an oxycontin drive thru right in the waiting room would be the answer. then perhaps, we would have the time to give quality care to our patients who are really sick. ... Read More

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    Originally posted by angelbear
    I do not believe that anyone that claims to have chronic pain can possibely have very severe chronic pain and say the things you did. Most of the people I know myself included who suffer with severe chronic pain can not have any kind of QOL without the aid of strong analgesics. I personally find it offensive to be told to suck it up and move on. Walk a mile in my shoes then we will talk. Sorry thats as nice as I can be at this point.
    i am sorry if i have offended you. i don't believe i said that anyone should suck it up and move on. i do believe i said that i deal with it and move on with my life. i also am sure that i we are supposed to feel some pain, otherwise we would have no pain receptors. (fab 4 - i have also read books).

    if you have read any of my posts, and alot of posts by alot of others, the subject matter is drug seekers, addicts and abusers. so, i appologize to anyone who's feelings may have been hurt by my opinion. i do suggest that you add "the 4 agreements" to your reading lists if you are one of the one's who have taken anything that i have said personally.

    to fab4-i have noticed that you seem to concentrate alot on criticizing posts by others. what't up with that?

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    I hardly think I am the only one who thinks you were implying that people should suck it up since you do. I know you did not say that I do however believe that is what you were implying. I dont know if you are aware of it or not but this forum is intended to educate on pain management and support those who deal with it it was not intended to be a forum to insult addicts and seekers.
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    You obviously don't read a lot of what I post. Whatever.

    I'm sorry, but I stand by what I say, and I also have the resources to back it up. I don't get what you mean by the comment that people are supposed to feel "some"'s not like people on maintenance meds are anesthetized.

    I am not criticizing you, fact, nowhere in those last two posts did I even mention anyone specifically. Might you be a bit defensive on this matter? I am criticizing comments that are outdated and presented as fact. Big difference.

    Again, the use of terms like "seekers," "addicts," etc. are akin to epithets...instant negative connotation. And again, the literature will tell you that diagnosing addiction is not within the scope of practice of any ED professional. Docs included.

    BTW: You've made some pretty personal attacks on me in several posts. Guess I should be offended. :stone
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    I have never done this. It takes alot, and I do mean ALOT to peeve me off (deeply) but I have honestly reached my limit.

    To those of you with your labels. Make them. That's fine.
    Go on about the abuse and misuse and addiction. Thats fine.
    You practice nursing the way you see fit. That's fine.

    Just keep it out my practice.

    Because let me say this. If one of you were to come and express these views on any patient I am treating, I'm going to tell you this. (And I have never said it, but I beleive now the time has come).

    Understand that you are the nurse. I am the Practitioner who has evaluated this patient and making a treatment plan. I will order the medication/s that I see fit. As the nurse, you will admister them. If you choose not to, then I will admister them myself, but understand I will also be relieveing you of your duties to this patient, and me as the Practitioner.

    Call it pulling rank, call it a power trip. However a nurse with the kind of feelings posted in this thread will be useless to me, and will prevent me from doing MY job. And as the Practitioner, I will not allow that.

    Good day to you all. For those nurses who are compassionate and caring enough to understand that patients complaints of pain need to be taken seriously, this is very much not meant towards you. I would be privilaged to work with any one of you.

    Dave, who is hanging his hat up on this thread. I will not be responding to any other posts. I have nothing else to say. Explaining things again is waste of my time.
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    Darn, where is that clapping smilie when you need it!

    Thank you, Dave.
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    Well said dave sometimes these things just need to be said.
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    If you get into a serious accident, and "need" 4-6 percocets/day during your recovery, there is a HUGE possibility you may need some help getting off them after your recovery, especially if you are an alcoholic/addict, or have the addict gene
    This is patently false, and has been proven so by research.

    Think I need to take a page from Dave..some people are just never going to be convinced, no matter how much info. they are given.

    Wonder if anyone out there still thinks the Earth is flat.
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    Thank you Dave.

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    Originally posted by stevielynn
    Thank you Dave.
    I second that!!!!!!!
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    Originally posted by fab4fan
    This is patently false, and has been proven so by research.

    Think I need to take a page from Dave..some people are just never going to be convinced, no matter how much info. they are given.

    Wonder if anyone out there still thinks the Earth is flat.
    I know of much research about an addiction gene and how it can lead to a propensity toward alcohol and drugs...Giving narcs to this person could do more harm than good...

    at least give them a look:

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