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  1. Hello everyone, I am in an outpatient ortho department. I would LOVE to become OCN certified but, obviously, but an outpatient department there is a lot of post op care that I don't get to work with that an inpatient nurse would take care of. Does anyone have any advice on how I can learn more/study for the exam? Any books or guides you would recommend? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
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    There are prep courses that you can take that will help immensely. In Oct of 2011 I took one and the following April I took and passed the ONC first go. My unit payed for attendance so I'm not sure how much it cost but I basically relied on that and did some reviewing the week before the test. If your facility will cover education expenses you might consider it.
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    I didn't get very good reviews??? I am not spending $40 for a so-so book. Any other books that are helpful?
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    I passed the exam. Use the study guide linked by a prior comment. They also make a flash card set that is basically the study guide chopped up into flash cards.
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    I am looking to take this exam in the next year, how was it?