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I just learned from a friend that Kaiser is laying 700 registered nurses in their northwest region. The Portland vancouver are is about to be flooded with experienced RNs looking for work over... Read More

  1. by   kamaboko
    Quote from pdxmomazon
    I randomly met a Kaiser employee yesterday at a coffee shop. She's not a nurse. She said the layoffs were mostly going to be CNAs, based on what she had heard and e-mails she had seen. Not that ANY layoffs are a good thing, but I haven't heard anything else from my nurse buddies.
    Thanks for posting. I was wondering about this story.
  2. by   Up2nogood RN
    It's interesting there are a lot of job openings now in the portland metro area for LPN's.
  3. by   lilwbprincess
    I have an RN friend from school who works at KP. Rumor is that the number is 70, not 700. Don't know much else though.
  4. by   kamaboko
    Quote from lilwbprincess
    I have an RN friend from school who works at KP. Rumor is that the number is 70, not 700. Don't know much else though.
    Thanks for the update.
  5. by   gardenwalker
    I visited a friend at Kaiser at the end of May and saw the Union notice on the board in the break room. The number was 50 nurses to be laid off. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read the whole thing. I can't find anything in the news or on any website about it.
  6. by   akdennis58
    Woah, no. Let me help here. The largest facility using nurses in the nortwest region of Kaiser is the Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas. It's the only hospital in Kaiser's northwest region. The hospital intends to reduce the number of nurses at this facility by about 50. That was the original announcement. They then attempted to add another 20 fte's to that, so that's where you probably heard the number 70. The RN's in this facility are represented by a union so this will done through a Reduction in Force (RIF) process. Some RN's have been RIF'd already and one nursing unit has been closed. Because of the union contract, no nurse can be instantly layed-off, there's a process that affords the nurse continued employement for a period of time. The RIF process and the resutling realignment of the nursing units has been badly handled in the opinion of many nurses as well as the union and the process has been placed on hold until the various parties can come to agreement on the goals and process. Because of this situation I would not expect to see any vacancies for RN's at this facility for some months, in my opinion. On the positive front, the northwest region plans to open a new facility in Hillsboro in a year or two but talk is that former nurses from the Clackamas facility may fill many of the jobs there. Hope this helps.
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  7. by   Soontobenurse222
    Yesterday at Downey medical center kaiser, EVERY SINGLE LVN WAS LAID OFF. They are allowing them to stay a year in order for them to find another job.
  8. by   Soontobenurse222
    And no cna's will be laid off, only nurses.
  9. by   Soontobenurse222
    Every single LVN at kaiser Downey was laid off yesterday. a very sad day at DMC