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I was on the Oregon Board of Nursing page today and I saw that ITT Tech in Portland has been granted "initial approval" for an Associates in Nursing program!!! I called ITT to get more information,... Read More

  1. by   mikvegas123
    I congratulate both of you for getting in and good luck in the future. Make sure you guys post here and let us know how you did or are doing for current students and future students who may want to have itt tech as an option.
  2. by   MicheleMA
    YES!!! Please let me know how you like the program!! I am interested in starting there in March!!
  3. by   webgrl
    Congratulations Steener77!!! Whoo whoo. I suppose we'll meet soon, if not in class. What is your 1st name?
  4. by   MicheleMA
    webgrl- Did You start ITT TECH in Portland??? if so any info on the teachers and clinicals would be appreciated!! Thank you!
  5. by   PDXNursingStudent
    I was in ITT Tech Program in Boise, Idaho their program was really good but really hard. There is a lot of homework and a lot of reading! Each class you had to read 3 or 4 chapters every week you also had to do a lot of Virtual Clinical excursions, out of the 30 students who started in my cohort in Boise 2 dropped from the 1st quarter and 3 dropped the 2nd quarter. Its really fast pace so if you miss a week of any class you will fall way behind Its no joke. Don't think because you are paying a lot of money the classes will be easy or the instructors will be easy they are not. You are going to school to become a nurse and dealing with other peoples lives just make sure you want to do this and are dedicated or else you will be left with a big bill. I was able to transfer to the Portland program from Boise It will be my 3rd quarter when class starts on Dec 6th.
  6. by   lazarusstyles
    I am really happy for people who are going to be attending ITT! You guys will have some awesome teachers who left Apollo college and now are teaching at ITT!!!! I wish I could go to ITT too, but I am more than a half done with LPN program at Apollo (Carrington) college. Earlier I said it was a good college, but I take those words back. The school is so unorganized and so for profit that it makes me sick! One of our best teachers became a program director of a nursing program at ITT! Congrats to you guys! She is wonderful and she really cares about the students!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   KPW-RN
    It might be a good idea to look at ITT's number of students who actually pass the NCLEX. If the program is too lax it might not be giving you enough education and experience. The program I went through was very intense and I passed the NCLEX on the first try; and a large majority of students from that program pass on the first try. Some research might be needed before making a decision about a particular program.
  8. by   webgrl
    Some of you were asking if I started and that is a big Yes! I began classes in December and while my head has been spinning with all the homework, papers and reading I am absolutely loving and very grateful to be able to continue on with my education! The school is serious about making the most out of your education and give you plenty of work and material to learn so don't kid yourself, if you are thinking about going and that it would be "easy". If you want to be a fantastic nurse, then you don't want "easy" anyhow!
    Congrats to my fellow classmates who got in and see you soon!
  9. by   dmrefined
    Just wanted to give a BIG thumbs up to ITT Tech in Indianapolis, Indiana! I'm so excited to be part of a great program. I've read many of the previous post and find very mixed emotions. The program is very tuff to say the least and not for the light hearted. It's demanding and you do come home with a ton of homework. For me personally, it's what you make it. As far as not being hired by certain hospitals I would say that could have been an issue in the past but little by little, that is clearly changing. It's all about you personally and what "you" bring to the table. Where you got your eduction has very little to do with it. A CEO from a local hospital put it best. He said, "you all have to be able to take the NCLEX test and pass it to be a nurse"!!!!! I couldn't agree more!!!! I LOVE the program and agree that the instructors really care about you as a person and your personal growth. The nursing chair is an amazing women that is driven and I have no doubt she WILL make a difference at ITT. She encourages and inspires many of us.
    Again, it's what you make it!!! Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   christinamuniz
    webgrl, who are you?
  11. by   MadeinOregonRN

    Thank you for using critical thinking skills and a professional approach to addressing this thread. I was gone for this last year completing my first year of nursing school and reading some of the posts now was very disappointing. I didn't expect to see that people miss understood my intentions of providing information. Thank you for having an open mind and attempting to clarify.

    In response to peoples miss understanding my intentions on here concerning ITT tech, i never thought it was a terrible school I personally would never over pay for my education and i would never limit my ability to continue my education at an affordable price. Oregon is an OCNE run nursing program state which means that if you aren't OCNE approved school then your nursing credits will not transfer. This leads to the ITT tech students only being able to transfer to other for profit colleges.

    I was never able to get an ITT rep to tell me how much tuition was or give me any information over the phone, i had a terrible time finding information on their web site and the reps just kept trying to sign me up for the information seminars. However when i contact other schools local to the area and OCNE approved they are more than willing to share any information with me without getting me to come into an information session. I hope this information helps someone out there trying to make a decision.
  12. by   medic75
    Quote from bevtag
    I'm in the ITT program in Oklahoma City. I was in another nursing program in this city and making good grades, but the hatefulness and punitive attitude of the faculty put so much pressure on us, some of us couldn't take the stress. They treated us and accused us as if we were all cheaters. They watched our every move and tracked all our comments on the computers as that was the only way to communicate with the faculty. In lab, we had students teaching students. The school was terribly disorganized. The experience was so awful I had a nervous breakdown and almost committed suicide.

    The ITT classes meet once a week, but we've had med/surg clinicals twice a week, giving us more time on the floor, which is great! We read just as much in this program as I did in the other, but the teachers are more helpful and are happy to spend time with us one-on-one. We also aren't required to buy extra books to supplement (as we were in the other school). We don't have a long list of movies to watch on our days off (as I did in the other school). Our care plans aren't 20+ pages long and they're not critical of our care plans, but rather, sit down with us and talk about them. I love that I have access to my teachers anytime I need them. They give us their personal cell phone numbers on the first day of class.

    The classes are small enough that the teachers get to know us as humans: our strengths and weaknesses. They work with us and care about us. The program chairman knows each of us by name.

    Yes, it's horribly expensive, but I plan to be able to pay off the loan once I become employed. So far, we've left good impressions at the hospitals we've worked in. The nurses in one of the hospitals begged me to apply for a job, which means ITT has taught me effectively what I need to know to become a nurse.

    Our credits transfer only to the University of Phoenix, which, I heard, is in trouble for illegal financial dealings (I don't know).

    The HESI is a piece of cake. Just review your anatomy/physiology books before you take it and you'll do fine. HESI tests are given periodically throughout the program to make sure we're on track.

    The entire program is 27 months (or 9 quarters) with little time off. No summer breaks. The order of classes by quarter is:
    1. Introduction to Nursing
    2. Pharmacology and Fundamentals of Nursing
    3. Med/Surg I + clinical
    4. Med/Surg II + clinical
    5. Gerontology + clinical
    6. Mental Health + clinical
    7. OB/GYN + clinical
    8. Peds + clinical
    9. Leadership (don't know about clinical)

    Of course it's wise to check out every aspect of a program before you commit.

    Hope this helps you in whatever decision you make.
    The program also requires Microbiology, AP 1 and 2, Intro to Psych, Sociology, Ethics, Comp 1 and 2, and other core classes. You will be able to transfer to a BSN program easily after the NLN accredidation goes through, which it will. theres alot of red tape with any nursing program.
  13. by   Kmolss01
    I currently go to itt and am impressed how they actually help you learn the material.... They go above and beyond