Chemeketa 2017 RN entrance - page 16

Anyone else applying for the 2017 entrance? I'm taking CHEM 110 and BIO231 this fall, and hoping to take BI 232, 233, PSY 201 and CIS 101 this winter before applying. I already have a bachelors... Read More

  1. by   rlargen2
    @sbaker47 Congrats on the scholarship! I received an email for one too today!! I faxed my immunizations last week but I never heard if they received it, so I emailed them today and they confirmed that they have it. I can't wait to finally start!
    @sbaker47 are you on the Nursing class facebook group page yet?
  2. by   sbaker47
    I am on the Facebook, I'm the one that posted about possibly getting an updated schedule to plan life.

    They just confirmed my immunization packet was complete. Not sure if they do that for everyone, I personally asked for confirmation because I had several pieces of paper for proof of positive tigers and different immunizations over the years.
  3. by   nikool11
    People got in with C's ???? I am taking an summer online AP class and my grade is drifting down with every test . I have been so devastated!!
  4. by   AColvin
    BI 231 doesn't count for points if I remember correctly. So as long as you get a B or above in 232 and 233 you should be golden as far as points go. I maybe be wrong. With the Kaplan deciding the fate of so many pre nursing students, it's best to go in with full points. I don't know anyone who had Cs on the point sheet. Sorry you are struggling, summer classes are rough.
  5. by   t.lynn
    Hi all!

    I'm still finishing up pre reqs and will be applying for Chemeketa's program along with others to start up next fall. I'm curious though, do any of you know how many applications Chemeketa receives each year?

    Also, did any of you look into Concordia's nursing program? Curious to know your thoughts.
  6. by   sydbernards
    When I asked she said they had a little over 200 applicants and this year 40 got in (it depends on how many teachers they have)! I did not look into their program either so I can't help you with that one! Good luck!
  7. by   rlargen2
    Last year alternate 19 told me she had a C in CIS101 class. I am assuming all the other classes she had full points (which btw she got in). I was alternate 20 and the only one left who did not get a spot but the 5 points was a great advantage for me! The only reason 231 AP would be best to have a B or above is because it helps break ties. If there are others with the same score they first check the grades of AP231. If you have a C and everyone else has a B/A you're out of the tie breaker. As long as you get full points, you should be fine. I think there was a lot of the same scores this year. It seems that everyone who scored an 84% (i think is 44 points for the score sheet) were placed based on who won the tie breaker to get a spot or put in the alternate list. So, the common range of scores was around 304/310 (not including the alternate points) (my guess from what I have seen from others scores).