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Greetings fellow future nurses! I just mailed my application packets for Mt. Hood CC, Clackamas CC, and Portland CC today and excited to be done with them. I have my proctored essay for OHSU this... Read More

  1. by   SushiOConnor
    @ Portland Medic,

    Last year when I was invited to the MHCC essay, most people wore "buisness" type attire, and I wore suit pants (slacks? IDK what you call them, but whatever you wear on your lower half when you wear a suit), tie and a dress shirt, which is what I'll be wearing again this year. Last year, there was one or two people in scrubs, and a guy in jeans, but I would definitely dress up like it's an interview... because IT IS! Women mostly wore business-type skirts and pants.


    Interesting, input from a variety of sources, from a variety of people, just like the real world right! So I wonder how they test? There must be some sort of sylabus or learning objectives. What were tests like in Pathophys and Pharmacology?
  2. by   nwnursing
    Hi everyone! I just received my invitation for the proctored essay for PCC in today's mail. The letter was dated yesterday.

  3. by   Lilpoka
    I also got my invitation today for PCC! That's waiting for the other 2. I am slightly concerned about the issues being expressed around PCC's program. They are my third choice (if I am lucky enough to have that option). Hmmm...not sure what to really think about it. I know if makes me a little nervous because I really want to be a great nurse. I believe that great nurses come from great teachers. I wonder how bad it "really" is. Any other input out there???

    Now to wait for the last two schools to notify me...fingers crossed!
  4. by   osuchris
    Hi all! I also received my invitation to PCC today. Now waiting for the essay and OHSU response. Good luck all!!
  5. by   Julie Morris
    Okay, I probably missed this in one of the earlier post's, but does anyone know if Chemeketa employs an interview also or bases their choices strictly by points?
  6. by   portland medic
    Got my PCC essay invitation letter today as well! Stoked as hell!!
  7. by   gabrianam
    I got my letter from PCC this week.
  8. by   nursesarak
    Got my PCC letter yesterday as well! It sounds as though the process is different than at MHCC - the letter just says 1.5 hours for the essay plus some time to print. Is there reason to dress up? What are people wearing to take the essay? It seems that since our essays will be identified by a number, it won't really matter too much whether we wear jeans or business casual. What do you think? I don't want to make a big sartorial blunder. Thanks everyone for sharing information so generously! It is very reassuring to hear your experiences.
  9. by   gabrianam
    I was curious about dressing up as well. Didn't even think of it until I saw the thread. I'd love to hear from others about this as well.
  10. by   Lilpoka
    My thought about dressing up is never know who will be there, watching, getting you setup for your essay, etc... err on the side of caution- dress nice. It shows how serious you are taking this. Plus, I know for myself, when I get dressed up I feel good inside. This can reflect in your attitude as your write your essay. Anyway, that is my two cents worth. I know I will be dressing nice. I don't want to leave anything to chance!
  11. by   gabrianam
    I emailed the person we are to RSVP for the proctored essay (jscovel) and here is her reply: "You may wear whatever you are comfortable in. We do not have a dress code." I don't think I'll wear a suit, but I will definitely dress professionally.
  12. by   pdxjenn
    I still have not recieved a letter from PCC, how many points did those who were invited to the essay have?
  13. by   portland medic
    Pdxjenn I had 64 points at PCC.