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Greetings fellow future nurses! I just mailed my application packets for Mt. Hood CC, Clackamas CC, and Portland CC today and excited to be done with them. I have my proctored essay for OHSU this... Read More

  1. by   Sasafras0123
    yay done with Clackamas interview!! Can't wait to see if I got in!
  2. by   SushiOConnor

    What time did you go! I had mine today at 10:30!
  3. by   Sasafras0123
    12:15! Do you guys remember when/how they were going to send out letters? Email or mail?
  4. by   cakkysue63
    Letters are going out via snail mail and should arrive on June 1. One more week! Good luck!
  5. by   nursesarak
    I spoke with a current first year pcc student this week and am confused by some of the posts I've read here now. He said that no one from his class has left the program and just a few from the class ahead of him have left. I think someone earlier had said 30 people had dropped out? Anyway, he likes the program and, with the exception of a couple annoying teachers, feels really good about it. It made me feel better about going there this fall at any rate.
  6. by   Lilpoka
    I think you just have to go into a program with the idea that you are GOING to make it work and become a great nurse. There are always going to be teachers that you don't click with. I know I have had a few along the way in my pre-req's that I didn't enjoy but it didn't stop me from getting my 4.0. I made the best of it and worked a little harder to make the grade. I feel it is the same with the programs/schools. You might have to work a little harder in some areas, but in the long run, it will be totally worth it. Just stay focused on the goal. At least that will be my plan of attack going in this Fall!
  7. by   nwnursing

    That is so true. Make a decision, and make it the right one for you. I keep vacilating back and forth between PCC & Clackamas (fingers crossed). Both are good programs, and they have their pros and cons for my situation. I'm hoping that the orientations will clarify everything for me.

  8. by   Lilpoka
    So is everyone excited to hear from Clackamas this week? I wish I wasn't so hard on myself about it. I just really feel like I froze on the essay and that it probably hurt my chances...hmmm...hmmm...hmmm....

    Did anyone else think it was a little hard, or am I just really intimidated by essays, lol?
  9. by   Sasafras0123
    Oh I definitely struggled with the essay but managed to force out some stuff. I'm more worried about the interview. I got so nervous being put on the spot and I didn't get to share things I wanted to with the questions that were being asked:/ I wonder how much the essay is worth compared to the actual interview? It seems like most people did better in the interview then the essay from what i've heard. At any rate I have a feeling ill be on the wait list (keeping my hopes low so i'm not disappointed) I can only hope that people that get in end up choosing other schools because this is my only chance of getting in somewhere this year
  10. by   Lilpoka
    Well my fingers are crossed for you! We'll know soon. I sure hope it works out for you. And for me, too. And...anyone else out there biting their nails, stalking the mailman this week!
  11. by   missmichelle
    Sasafras, I seem to remember that the essay was worth 15 points.. And I think the whole process was 30 points so I'm guessing 15 each.. I can't wait for my letter this week!
  12. by   missmichelle
    Has anyone called to check when they are sending out the letters? I KNOW they said by June 1st, but I am getting soo impatient! I feel like my mailman knows everything about me already over our daily conversations by the mailbox lol
  13. by   Lilpoka
    Well I am hoping that we know soon! Friday seems like forever away, so I am thinking happy thoughts for tomorrow (which still seems forever away, lol). But just for anyone out there on the PCC waitlist, I wanted to let you know that I am giving up my waitlist #18 spot. So hopefully that puts some of you closer to getting in.

    Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts....