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Hello everyone! I was an avid reader of last years articles on applying to schools here, and it really helped me get an idea of how many points I would need. I thought I'd return the favor. So far I've only applied at PCC with... Read More

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    That's too funny! I was wearing a coral blazer and I have almost black hair! Ill posted a link on here when I set it up

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    Ok, I totally know who you are from the coral blazer description. I had the cobalt blue blazer on.... Almost wore coral as well LOL!
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    Ohhhh I remember you saying that before the interview, yay!!! How exciting! Congrats again! Thats three out of our interview group, is the other gal on here?
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    @teemoo12 so I created a Facebook page, if you search 'OHSU School of Nursing-Monmouth BSN Class of 2016' you should be able to find it please share it with everyone you connect with and we can all start getting to know each other before September!
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    I can't seem to find the facebook page... do you have it set to invite only maybe?
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    Quote from teemoo12
    I can't seem to find the facebook page... do you have it set to invite only maybe?
    I don't think so :/ Try again.

    I can check it out when I get home tonight. My name is Kayla Vedaa you can add me if you want and I can send an invite !
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    How does everyone else feel about their interview/essay at CCC? I'd be curious to see everyone's opinion of the process.
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    prfoodie: I enjoyed the personal aspect of having an actual interview as opposed to the essay only approach that PCC takes. I appreciate that CCC takes the time to put a name, face, and personality to our applications. How did I do? Not sure (I think well?) but I do know I enjoyed the process. If I am so lucky to get accepted to both PCC and CCC, it may be a harder decision between the two than I thought!

    What is everyone doing to pass the time these next couple weeks? I am reviewing my A&P and pulled out my medical terminology book from a few terms ago. Kind of liking doing crossword puzzles, keeps my mind active... and it can't hurt to brush up on some of it, right?
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    Poppyanddelia- I am finishing my bachelors in sociology this term at PSU but it has been almost three years sense I took my prereqs so I am doing the same! I pulled out my old A&P and Micro books, my fiance is a paramedic so I am investigating some of his pathophysiology and pharmacology books. It is very different from nursing in most ways but there is a lot of crossover!
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    In regards to the essay, I feel that I did fairly well. I much prefer the interview process though- it is so much more personal and gives us a chance to get to know them as well. Plus I like the overall vibe- kinda fun! How well did mine go?? Well, not sure, but I feel I did okay. I had lots to say and was quick responding, but I think my nerves kept my bright'n'shiny personality from coming out... super nervous!

    In the meantime, I'm pulling out my books as well- A&P and Med Terminology...... and surfing this site repeatedly, lol!

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