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Greetings fellow future nurses! I just mailed my application packets for Mt. Hood CC, Clackamas CC, and Portland CC today and excited to be done with them. I have my proctored essay for OHSU this Wednesday and am a little worried... Read More

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    Their letter said end of the month. I bet it's next week.

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    Haven't heard from Clackamas yet. I am hoping by the end of the week. Point notices were mailed a week early this year, so I am hoping that means that interview letters will be a week early also. Last year, people got them around the 20th! So that puts us right in line to get them soon.

    Feeling pretty nervous! Mt Hood interview is Thursdeay! Going over questions, answers, scenarios, etc... PCC is next week. Hoping for CCC interview to come through. Boy, isn't this stressful, lol!
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    OH BOY!!! Did my MHCC interview/essay tonight!!! I think I did pretty good, I would say I was at least in about the top half of the 9 people I interviewed with. They said they are interviewing 150 people for 64 spots, with 40 alternates. But last year they took all but 2 of their alternates. They said we would hear yes or no by May 4th. Ok, after a shot of tequilla... and a day or so, I'll start focusing on PCC for next week!

    Oh and I asked around the other interviewees an NO ONE has heard from CCC since the point letters, so... more waiting there too!
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    Congrats on getting through it! So, do I have to worry about a long essay or several short ones? I don't know why the writing part scares me. That is the only question I will ask, becasue I know it should be pretty hush hush out of fairness for everyone.

    Which school is your top choice? Mine pretty much goes in the order of (if given the chance to choose) CCC, then MHCC, then PCC, then OHSU. Definitely would like to stay at community college level and brdige over to OHSU for my BSN.
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    Wow, already pumped up & not even applying until the next go-round, lol. I'm hoping to get into the program through CCC as well! I see that many have already received a response confirming points- if no one minds my asking, how many points did it take to get an interview?
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    There are 5 short essay questions. You have an hour to HANDWRITE your responses on the actual handouts with the questions. (No lines! which makes my messy handwriting messier!). I can't post the questions because I think it might affect my application. These days you have to expect your employer/interviewer to at least Google your name, if not a down right search in FB or other social networking sites. Of course this is not standard procedure, or even suggested by the employer/interviewer but you really have to think about what is OK or not OK to post, especially being in a such a public position as a nurse. Also, we all know they WILL do official background checks so it's only in your best interest to at least know what someone else will see online that is associated with your name. I think there was a recent post by someone on this forum who was in HR and will probably confirm that it's best to completely avoid any risky online behavior/postings, because it IS part of your overall image. Anyways... too much on that already!
    I don't know my first choice. MHCC has 64 spots, but 32 start in the fall quarter, and 32 start in the winter quarter, random selection. BUT they say you will know which quarter you start in your acceptance letter (May 4th). I just may be able to use an extra couple of months to prepare for school. I could read ahead in many of the classes (they are considering going to ebooks for publisher discounts). I'll compare the formats in other programs too (if I actually get any offers!). I did apply to Clark (since I live in Vanc.) but I think I'll prefer an OCNE school because I'm definitely interested in my BSN.
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    Hi Keeks24,

    I had 58 w/ MHCC, 58 w/ PCC, and 61 w/ CCC and a 4.0 GPA. Hope that helps. Good luck!

    And thanks SushiOConnor- I have read many, if not all, of the posts from last year and I was even questioning if I should ask about he essay part. I totally respect the position of each and every one of us that is going through this process. I would never want to jeopardize anyones position. But thank you for the little tid bit. I can breathe a little better. PCC is going to be another story, lol. I know they have a longer essay. I think like 500 word, 2 page, double space- or something along those lines.

    Anyway, I hope I do well tomorrow! I can't wait for CCC to respond. I am at the "stalking the mailman" point! Best of luck to you too next week.
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    one thing i can say is that there are online resources that will prepare you very well for any nursing essay/interview. i found the uofwashington online info session an excellent resource.

    bsn info session

    and here is a link to a list of questions that cover pretty much everything!


    answer all these and i think anyone would do very will in any interview/essay scenario.

    good luck everyone!
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    Awesome resources, Sushi! Thanks for sharing.
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    I agree. Great link on interview questions!

    Well, today is my day for Mt. Hood...breathe...! And remember that I have worked so hard for this...I can do it!

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