Why are CV OR nurses "CV Queens"?

  1. Everyone who is not in the CV OR, in my hospital and wherever else, say that the CV OR nurses are CV queens. How did we win that title?
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  3. by   shodobe
    It is really funny that you mention that because it is pretty much true at another hospital I work at. This group is excetional and extremely talented at what they do. The only problem is this, they pretty much struggle outside the heart rooms! They get into such a routine they lose all other skills. Some of these nurses have been doing this for many, many years so what can you expect. Like I said in the heart room they are the "queens" of the domain but outside they are pretty much lost.
  4. by   citylights89
    That's kind of what I heard, as well. For me, there seems to be some truth to that because when they pull me out of CV and float me to some other area, I feel like a n00b all over again. Technically, I'm still a n00b, but being in an unfamiliar environment makes me feel more like one. The good thing about the CV OR is the routine. It's pretty much the same cases and same instrument sets. Makes it a little bit easier to get the grasp of things.
  5. by   chinchu
    I cannot agree with the fact that they won't survive outside CVOR because they do a lot work than us.I think they can manage any cases easily .If we go into CVOR we will struggle a lot.ABGS,blood works.,defib,laser,,,,..I beleive there is a routine evrywhere.
  6. by   Rose_Queen
    The same thing could be said of someone who works in neuro, or someone who works in general, or someone who works in......

    Someone who works in the same specialty routinely is simply going to be more comfortable with the routine in that specialty. You know the instruments, you know the surgeons, you know where each and every little supply is. Those who then have to float into another specialty aren't as familiar with each of those aspects.

    I find comments like this incredibly divisive. It's along the same line as ICU nurses looking down their noses at med/surg nurses (there's an extremely long thread titled pretty much that somewhere on this site). We are all nurses, and some of us have been lucky enough to find our niche within the varied world of nursing practice.
  7. by   citylights89
    Yes, it's all in the routine. It is divisive when people say that. Some of the nurses from the other services loathe CV, probably because they aren't comfortable with it...AND they think the people are overly dramatic. Oh well. They expect us to do their services, but go crazy when they have to do ours, which I can also understand. As a a result, CV ends up keeping to itself most of the time. That's the queens for ye!