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What Do Operating Room Nurses Do? - page 11

I'm here to set the record straight. I am as much a RN as the next nurse and I do patient care. Operating Room Nurses assess, diagnose, plan, intervene, and evaluate their patients just like every... Read More

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    Quote from Wheaties
    great article. Im a little confused. So does 1 nurse follow the same patient from preop to surgery to post-op? I'm looking for a change in nursing jobs. Worked in acute bedside nursing m/s tele. I only had 1 day in OR as a nursing student. And I didn't understand it, except that it consisted of preop, operation/surgery, post-op

    i want to work in the OR but I don't know what my role will be. There's OR job openings that I'm eyeing but the job description is vague. It's described just like a tele, ER, med-surg job, step down etc... job opening. will it be preop, surgery, post op. There's also pacu job openings and is that basically the same as post op?
    I've only ever seen it where a nurse works the shift in one area, either preop, intraop, or postop. In some facilities, nurses may be cross trained to work in all three areas, but they will not be responsible for one patient in all three areas. They may spend a day in preop, a couple days in the OR, a day or two in post op. In my area, those who work in more than just one area under the perioperative umbrella work in ambulatory surgery centers. In the local hospitals, nurses work in only one of the three areas. I would assume any job that states OR in the title would be specific to working only within the OR itself.
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    I am an OR RN, and I have been trained to both scrub and circulate. Many nurses scrub in the facility where I work.