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The RN specializing in Perioperative Nursing practice performs nursing activities in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of the patients' surgical experience. Based on the Standards and Recommended... Read More

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    It is hard to pass judgement on nurses on the OR who may leave someone exposed for a period of time while attending to others. It takes a strong patient advocate to put the needs of the MD's and others on the team behind the patient. Each nurse is different and must explain their rationale for doing things in the manner they do. While it may seem inappropriate, we don't know all the particulars. It is easy to be an armchair quarterback in these forums.
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    I read this entire forum thread over a couple of days. I am an OR RN. All I wanted to say is how laughable this whole thread is; I can't understand why or how nurses compete with other nurses and feel the need to justify why nurses choose to have certain roles. It's just absolutely ridiculous. It's like a group of squabbling, grumpy old female nurses in the break room ******** about this and that. Who the hell cares about my job and why I chose to do it? That's the beauty of nursing, there are SO many areas and fields we can go into. Did anyone ever think maybe OR RNs like being in the OR because they DON'T want to work the floors? There is something for everyone out there and there's absolutely no reason to analyze the living hell out of it and waste so much time and energy trying to defend and justify it! It's so silly, really I couldn't stop reading this thread because it was just so stupid, like watching a train wreck. I really don't care what other nurses think of me and I don't spend my free time obsessing over what other nurses do in their roles. Everyone needs to stop it and appreciate the fact that nursing has such a varied, wide area of opportunity and there's a field/role/specialty for everyone. Spend your time wondering how you can improve YOURSELF
    and not berating others!
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    OR nursing...longest orientation of any specialty (6 months-1 year). Longer than ER, longer than ICU. I've already chimed in on this discussion so I won't again. 😷. Come play with me in the OR, no come float to the OR from the floor...lol.

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