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  1. 504 for osteogenesis imperfecta

    I know this is an older topic, but would you happen to have a copy of the EAP that you wrote? I have a student who has OI and hasn't started yet. I'm still waiting for paperwork from doctor, but want to have an EAP ready ASAP
  2. HELP! Brand new school

    That would be AMAZING and greatly appreciated!
  3. HELP! Brand new school

    I have been offered a position as the school nurse at a brand new school. I've been a school nurse before, but haven't "started" a new school's health room. I want to make sure I don't forget anything important because EVERYTHING will need to be orde...
  4. Rules for the School Nurse's Office

    Headaches ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS! I actually had a fourth grade teacher send me 4 students at the same time for headaches!?!?!
  5. Finally decided to quit nursing

    MN Nurse 1993: Have you figured out something to do now that you've decided to leave nursing?
  6. What do you mean I'm not a REAL nurse?!?

    Stephalina6: how did you get into Informatics?
  7. New School Nurse: VENT

    mom's outlet You have summed up everything beautifully! It's nice to know there is someone out there who relates! Are you still working in the school?
  8. School Nurse Salary?

    What location?
  9. School Nurse Salary?

    Are you still working there? Is it a public school?
  10. Finally decided to quit nursing

    What are you doing now?
  11. Finally decided to quit nursing

    @clementia What did you end up doing?
  12. Should I place my license as inactive?

    I am interested in changing positions and was interested in a smoking cessation job. Can you tell me what you do?
  13. Operating Room Nurse: Roles

    I'm considering taking a position doing Urodynamic testing & pelvic floor rehab. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Any info would be appreciated!
  14. Urology nurse/ urodinamic testing

    Did you get the job?
  15. Anyone out there work for Consortia Health? I've heard of this company and am just wondering what it's like working as a nurse traveling to different physicians' offices. Can anyone tell me exactly what, as a nurse, you do for pelvic floor rehab/urod...