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Hello, during a total knee replacement today, a huge clump of hair was discovered in the bottom of a tray of trials. I immediately called the tray contaminated, along with the entire back table. An argument ensued and I was told... Read More

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    Our surgeons are intolerant of ANY delays getting into the room [most of them have 2 rooms]. Therefore, we are very often opening trays as the pt is coming into the room. However bad the noise and activity are for the patient, we still check each wrapper for holes, each "casket" for moisture, and everything for indicators. If there is any question about sterility, we flash it. Patients can be sedated so they don't remember anything, but we do not compromise sterility-ever!

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    You did the right thing!!!! When there is doubt, throw it out. First thing i learned about sterility over 30 years ago and it still stands true today.

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