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My coworker and I were talking about student nursing life one time at work, and she mentioned to me that in America nursing students are not rotated to the Operating Room and that she graduated cum... Read More

  1. by   Mazee
    DR- Delivery Room
  2. by   LovedRN
    What country are you from? Isn't it nice to be in OR and DR?

    I had 1 semester of antepartum, L&D-labor and delivery, and postpartum. But I got only one chance to see c-section.
  3. by   Mazee
    OR definately, im used tot he fast paced environment ive been working in the OR for atleast 10 years. Started as a scrub tech now as a materials manager for the whole perioperative services in my hospital. Two of my aunts are L&D nurses and they love it, they have about 25 years under their belt and has not moved to any other departments. so im guessing theyre satisfied and happy where they are.. by the way im from america. =)
  4. by   LovedRN
    Sorry about that. You can tell that I spent little time in DR.
  5. by   Mazee
    no need to be sorry, where are you from?
  6. by   LovedRN
  7. by   Mazee
    cool. jersey girl here.. =)
  8. by   shananigansWI
    We get one day of OR observation during our first year, it's my turn next Tuesday. I think it will be an interesting experience, I've never been in an OR and we get to follow the patient to PACU.
  9. by   ninja-nurse
    I got 3 days of observation - and the 3rd was ONLY because my renal patient happened to have a transplant available that day. 2 days I was placed in a corner and ignored. The day I wasn't supposed to be in OR, the surgeon noticed me and asked "who's that and why isn't she doing anything?" When they told him I was a little nursing student, he called me up near his elbow, explained what was going on. And afterward, he took me over to the removed kidney, pointed out the healthy tissue, pointed out the cancerous, and made cuts in both to point out the differences inside. AWESOME experience.
  10. by   GadgetRN71
    Quote from subee
    ScrubRBwabbabe: If you really want to scrub, be a scrub tech. RN's not allowed to scrub in any OR setting I work (3 at the present). Some tech programs are 2 years in community college. Who do you think is better suited to work in OR. Person who has 2 years dedicated to OR training or ADN who has no experience in OR? This is a question for the near future when it all gets socialized.
    This is not always the case. Most places around here train their new grad OR nurses to scrub. If you are running the board, it's great to have nurses who scrub or an all RN staff. I was a tech before I was a nurse. My tech program did not cover what one needs to know to be an OR nurse.