Coming home (aka) returning to OR

  1. [FONT=comic sans ms]So 7months after returning to floor nursing I am coming back to the OR.

    I give floor nurses a lot of credit. I can do the job well but the bad outweighs the good on the floor. (For me anyway) Reasons for leaving...all those listed in the "I'm tired of it" thread. But my main reason is I refuse to be cussed at all day for things out of my control (when is my f'in doctor going to be here/DC me, etc.). I understend in the OR if someone cusses the "situation" but if a doc cusses at me, I'll write their behinds up in a heartbeat. On the floor you can't say squat to the pt.

    I have found many things the same even though the actual job is very different. One charge that helps, another that looks right through you. Nurses that are very dedicated and those that just get by.

    As crazy as it can get in the OR, the job is easier (sorry OR nurses), so why kill myself trying to be in 4 rooms at the same time. I'm going to miss the maybe one pt a day (week) that I really feel appreciates all I do for them.

    Maybe I'll do a shift a month on the floor to remind me why I left when the OR starts driving me crazy again. LOL
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  3. by   msancheeze
    Your post brought a smile to my face. I was a floor nurse before transferring to the OR three years ago. On occasion, I entertain the thought of returning to the floor, romancing the idea of the occasional (okay - rare) patient and family that appreciate my efforts. I miss the war torn camaraderie with the other nurses, the hilarity of the patients (me going through admission questions: "what is your understanding of your illness?" Pt: "The scab done come of my colon!"), watching my clinical skill and knowledge progress from fearful GN to a source for new GNs, and what seemed like greater autonomy. What I don't miss is like you said - everything in the "I'm tired of it" thread and the feeling that I never had the resources to adequately care for my 5-7 patients. sure feels good to have found a home.
  4. by   CIRQL8
    Easier? I don't know. I've never done anything but peri operative nursing. I think what's easy is what you enjoy doing the most. All in the frame of mind. Away form my al home, my work home is the OR. And yes, to me it's easy.

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