Axillary rolls

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    Do any of you have access to any evidence-based practice of wrapping an axillary roll in a towel? I was taught not to place any material over a gel roll as for it defeats the purpose. I would appreciate any information. Thank you!

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    We don't wrap our axillary rolls in anything..I was taught that the folds in the fabric can be irritating. HTH.
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    Quote from SquirrelRN71
    We don't wrap our axillary rolls in anything..I was taught that the folds in the fabric can be irritating. HTH.
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    I place the roll inside a pillow case. It's a lot smoother than a towel.
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    We wrap our gel rolls (chest & axillary) in pillowcases. Smoother than a towel, and protects the patient from the plastic "seams" at the edges. Plus, ours have seen better days and are covered in tegaderms or ooze a bit.
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    We've re-thought our ax rolls. Before, we used an IV bag rolled into a towel. I've always been careful to not have wrinkles or seams before insertion.

    Recently, we were told that IV bags were not appropriate, despite never having any trouble.
    So we went to using the disposable perineal post pads from our ortho table inside of a towel.

    I would like to get a couple of axillary roll gel pads.....where did you get yours??

    Kind of like the pillow case idea, may give that a try.

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    I will try to find the the supporting info for you but in the mean time check out , they have ax-rolls in stock that look like IV bags and flat bottom rolls, we use both.
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    Here is the way I see it-would I trust that an ax roll was thoroughly cleaned and then put it under my axilla? freaking way! I cut off enough stockinette to cover the roll so that there are no seams.
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    I like the stockinette idea. We had a axillary gel roll for each room and they all got thrown away. I guess they got mixed up in the laundry and they didn't know what they were. We kept wrapping them in pillowcases and they kept disappearing....We use an IV bag once in a while, I guess it's a no-no now, it came out in AORN. I always wrap them in something...
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    I wrap them in a pillowcase. (Wrap the case around it rather than putting the gel roll or IV bag inside the case to avoid losing it in the laundry.)
    I never use towels because they leave ugly marks on skin.
    We still often use IV bags - I'm unaware of AORNs position against this...anyone care to summarize? Thanks

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