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has anyone ever had to ask someone to leave their room during a case while you were circulating? it happened to me this week. i had a scrub tech come in and try and take over my room and change things up (moving my set-up, trash,... Read More

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    Quote from fracturenurse
    Scrub tech no, but reps yes...Ours seem to think they run the room they are in. Sometimes they just show up in other rooms to chat with a nurse, or to ass kiss the surgeon. I had one that showed up in a cysto once (he's an ortho rep!) I told him to get out, he laughed and kept chatting with the scrub. I looked at him very matter of fact, and said you have 5 seconds to leave this room...He left.

    I would have done the same thing you did though! Good for you!
    +1 - be strong, hold your ground. As the non-scrubbed person you end up playing traffic cop sometimes, but depending on the scenario, it becomes an infection control/patient safety/privacy/HIPAA issue. Some reps seem conditioned to not care if the patient is even asleep before coming in the room, let alone draped. I think the example fracturenurse cites would have been asked not to return after a stunt like that. Amazing what some people think they can get away with.

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