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Hey i am thinking about taking the rn program at university of phoenix right now i am only a cna i talked to the school today and they said i can take the hole rn program there and in about 4 years i can get my bachelors rn and i... Read More

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    Quote from PAROPPY
    To say that an online program is not "real" and to check "real" universities IS rude and disrespectful to those of us pursuing an online degree.
    Perhaps, she could have used a better word, but, she "interpreted" what she meant by putting it into parethesis! ( i.e. non-online programs). The bottom are offended by what is meant to be truthful. This board is about offering opinions, experiences, and observations.
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    Quote from PAROPPY
    Your response is very rude and belittling to those who are going for or have an online degree. I and many of my co workers are going back to school for our BSN online through University of Phoenix (and other online schools). The Stanford new RN residency program also does not not accept RNs with their associates...that doesn't make an associates degree any less "real", just not what they are looking for. Think twice before posting something that shows so much disrespect to those of us who are working hard for our online degree because we have full time careers and families to support and aren't able to attend classes in a classroom and need the flexibility.

    To the OP: You may want to clarify with the University of Phoenix about their admissions, I thought they only had programs for LPN to BSN or RN to BSN, but it may be different where you live. I start classes this month, but a lot of my co workers are already a few classes in and they love but say it is very research oriented. Best of luck to you!

    wow. I apologize if I offend. Truly. I was simply trying to offer advice from someone who asked for it. I do not think of myself as better than an other RN. You are correct every RN is licensed, all passed the same exam and all can provide the same level of care. Furthermore, experience trumps education in every case in which individuals are consciousness and concerned about providing quality care.

    That said, all else equal, a BSN and having a degree from a non-on-line program increases your employment options. It is a tough job market and evey advantage can help. this was all I was saying and I think if you view it objectively you would agree.

    I did not mean any offense, simply offering the best advice I could. Perhaps before blowing up at someone you should consider if the advice is sound rather than a knee-jerk reaction.
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    Just as a side note.... UOP is NLNAC and accepted by all hospitals. Just check into the options offered. I am a UOP student for my RN to BSN and as others have stated i don't believe they have a straight RN program. Good Luck to you. I know how it feels to have to juggle many hats, and I love my online classes, nothing like going to class in your PJ's with your coffee.
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    i was just wanting to know if anyone has heard of this the school told me I could finish with a degree in 3 1/2 years but getting clinicals in was up to me i would have to set up with the state boad and i have never heard of anyone doing this program. i called the school just to see about doing my prereqs online and going to ivy tech for the program but i do work 12 hour days at aa nursing home and i just want to go further but no where to start and no where to go.....just so confused
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    The only way you will get the accurate information is to call the BON for your state or go to their website and search for it. The person you spoke with may not have understood that you are not a nurse yet.
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    Be wary. The Board exists to protect the public, not to assist the nurse in gaining a license.

    My facility requires an affiliation agreement (contract) with a school before any student may do clinicals here. We do not affiliate with online schools, unless it is a state program (because we will then have better access to people, resources, information, accreditation, etc).

    I do not think online programs are bad per se, but I believe the student is wise to consider all the possibilities and to compare with state programs. Might even talk to a few HR people to get local facility input.
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    PAROPPY: I agree. I received my MSN online but from a state university. Many people do not understand how the online programs function so they make hasty decisions.
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    Some states require a certain amount of practice hours with a license before they will transfer your license. Check the rules carefully with the State Board of Nursing before you take boards and decide where to obtain a licence. It isn't always as easy as applying for a license transfer as a new grad.
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    I'd stay away from an online RN degree from a for-profit school. How on earth is anybody supposed to "set up their own clinicals with the state board of nursing?" Basically University of Pheonix is trying to sell you (and charge you an arm and a leg for) the academic part of an RN program, but they're not giving you the clinicals that are so crucial to becoming a nurse and having the required hours you need to enter practice. Also, these online for profit schools are VERY expensive, they encourage you to borrow, borrow, and borrow more, until you're in debt up to your eyeballs. You can't declare bankruptcy for student loan debt, you will have this with you for life. And without having the clinical learning time you need to get a job and practice, it will be very hard to pay off that debt. My advice is to go to your local community college for your RN, the price will be fair and you will get the clinical time. If you want to do your RN-BSN online or MSN online, that is fine (at Pheonix or wherever). But for the RN part, you need a real physical school.
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    Quote from alyCNA
    i was just wanting to know if anyone has heard of this the school told me I could finish with a degree in 3 1/2 years but getting clinicals in was up to me i would have to set up with the state boad
    In my experience teaching nursing in B&M programs, all clinical sites have to be approved by the BON (for use as clinical sites) in order for the school to be able to use them for student experiences. That may be what the UOP person was referring to, that any clinicals you arrange would have to be in sites/facilities approved by the BON for student clinical experiences. Your state BON is certainly not going to help you arrange clinicals, and there have been many, many threads here about the difficulties students at various levels have had getting facilities to allow them to do clinicals when they are not affiliated with a local nursing program. There is no incentive or value for a facility to do this (sufficient to outweigh the risk involved) -- and who would the clinical instructor/supervisor be? Are the facilities also supposed to provide an instructor?

    This sounds like a v. "long shot" to me -- I doubt one would be able to find facilities willing to cooperate with a program like this.

    I would make v. sure, in advance, of exactly what I was getting into (what the requirements/expectations of the program are), whether I would be able to find clinical settings willing to cooperate, and whether my state BON would consider me eligible for licensure after completing this program, before I gave UOP a single penny. They are primarily interested in making money, not in looking out for your best interests.
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