University of Phoenix MSN program?

  1. Has anyone ever gotten their MSN through University of Phoenix? I was told i can get my MSN and then for an NP just get certified with a school closer to me (in boston).
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  3. by   Mijourney
    I don't know much about UOP. I suppose you can do what you've been told. My opinion is that you need to make sure that the school is accredited as well as the nursing program by the appropriate agencies. UOP costs more money then the traditional school, so if you haven't already, I would look for a program that offers all you want in the learning format you want.
  4. by   NYCRN6
    they actually don't have the program i am looking for... but the cost is 20K/year... and its a year and half. The advisor told me UOP covers the entire cost.... as a loan... and they give you 30K for a year and a half... so you get extra money. Whatever you do wtih that money is up to you either pay back or use it towards your education... but anyways im not interested anymore it is more for administration they dont have programs like "advanced pharamcology or pathophysiology". Those are what i am looking for. FYI! thanks for responding
  5. by   dialysis12041999
    Quote from BostonNurse6
    Has anyone ever gotten their MSN through University of Phoenix? I was told i can get my MSN and then for an NP just get certified with a school closer to me (in boston).
    I did received my MSN/MBAHA from University of Phoenix. It was a lot of hard work. But then again it was worth it:chuckle. It has opened many doors for me. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. by   elkpark
    If you already know that you want to be an NP, why do a different MSN first? It will just take you longer and cost you more to reach the goal that you already know you want to reach.

    Completing a post-Master's certificate to become an NP is not a matter of "just get(ting) certified" -- it will take you almost as long as a full MSN program. The only difference is that you don't take the generic, "core" MSN courses. These programs are designed for people who have already gotten an MSN with a different concentration but have now decided that they want to move in a different direction professionally. That's great for people who have decided, after the fact, that they want to make a change, but why would you choose to do a "Master's and a half" (closer to two Master's, really) to begin with?

    Have you really thought this through?
  7. by   Ginger's Mom
    I got my MSN in nursing at UoP in 2006. UMass Boston does have a program for nurse with their MSN , it is combination between online and practical. The best thing about UoP it is very flexible and allows you to work. UoP is accredited by the CCE.
  8. by   LDRP_RN
    Does anyone know or had any problems when receiving their MSN online from UOP then getting their Post-MSN cert? Do these schools view the UOP MSN degree as highly as they would from a ivy league (so to speak) school..... Admission into MSN-CWHNP programs is very tough right now. So considering online MSN through UOP (where I obtained my BSN) and then post-MSN cert.. Any thoughts??? I have already been turned down by SLU and Georgetown based on my ADN GPA even though my GPA for my BSN was a 3.9.... Just getting frustrated and trying the achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a CWHNP someday. I have been a nurse for 16 years and it is time to move on in my career but these admissions boards are making me feel like a big dummy...

    Any thoughts, suggestions, or advice is appreciated
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    University of Phoenix is more accepted these days by employers and other schools.

    Have you looked at Frontier Nursing University distance program --well established:
  10. by   HouTx
    Isn't anyone else concerned about the cavalier manner in which UOP administers student loans? Pressuring students into borrowing more than is needed? Using 'bait and switch' to convince students that the 'extra money' is a benefit rather than seeing it accurately as a long-term obligation which can never be dismissed - and negatively skews your credit rating for a long time due to the overall debt load???? Am I the only one? I would also be very skeptical of any claims made by UOP re: the ease of transition to other programs. They are well known for overblown hard sell tactics, and have paid millions of dollars in Federal fines for violation of recruiting practices.

    If the OP is interested in pursuing an online MSN, there are many options out there that have a much more traditional pay-as-you-go approach.... many of which are associated with traditional academic programs and cost much less. NP program admission criteria are not capricious or arbitrary - they are high for a reason. Schools have sufficient evidence to know which student characteristics are most associated with successful outcomes for these intensive programs.

    I agree with PP's it will take a lot more time/expense to 'double back' to top off with an NP afterward.
  11. by   traumaRUs
    I did both an ADN to BSN and then an MSN via UofP. Never had any problems transferring credit at all.

    I have since gone on to complete two post-MSN certificates: adult CNS and peds CNS.

    Have gotten job offers without any hassle whatsoever.

    As to the student loan situation - again not my experience at all. I borrowed what I needed and that was that.