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Hi there! Haven't seen any forums yet on the SUNY Downstate ABSN 2017-2018 class. Has anyone applied?? Or heard from them already?... Read More

  1. by   thecareerchanger
    Jalba8190 no volunteering for me. No time. I currently work in social services which is not healthcare but its a complimentary field to nursing I think. I did CNA training a long time ago in HS but no paid experience though.
  2. by   DivaliciousMe85
    Hey everyone! Made the last minute decision to apply. Spoke to admissions and they said they are still accepting applications (thankfully). Now I'm just waiting for my letters of rec to be submitted. Congrats to those of you who have already been accepted! I'm crossing my fingers for myself. I volunteer at Sloan Kettering and I just finished a CNA program.
  3. by   michelle119
    Hey guys, i submitted everything apart from my final prereq grade( Fall 16 Microbio) on October 29th and still haven't heard back. Anyone submit their application around the same time and received a decision yet? Anxious to finally hear back!
  4. by   Kookii
    Did anyone submit their health forms yet? If you did, did you do it by email or mail?
  5. by   EH_NY
    Anyone have any changes on their status?
  6. by   thecareerchanger
    Kooki my physical not until March so can't complete forms until then but school said I could email once completed
  7. by   MellyLelly
    @EH_NY Nope, no change.
  8. by   motherclucking
    LOL @careerchanger @geetee123 I just emailed admissions and they said mandatory orientation is May 31st, but the online calendar says May 30th. Let the confusion begin...
  9. by   thecareerchanger
    Motherclucking I think first day of class is May 31st and orientation is May 30th? I requested transcripts to be sent to Downstate over a month but my checklist still not showing they were received. Anyone else having same issue? I emailed admissions earlier but no reply yet.
  10. by   Kookii
    @thecareerchanger I emailed them a couple times about the transcripts. They received 2 out of 3 schools... had to resend the 3rd school transcript again. They still haven't received it. But if you email them they will update your checklist
  11. by   Encoremb
    Hey- I created a facebook group for those who were accepted. it's called Suny Downstate ABSN 2017- 2018

    Closed Group

    ask to join the group on facebook, and we'll accept your request!
  12. by   MellyLelly
    Has anyone who was still waiting for a decision received any word yet? I'm getting worried, my application status hasn't changed for about three weeks now from "FORWARDED TO ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE FOR REVIEW".
  13. by   EH_NY
    @MellyLelly my status hasn't changed either. Still waiting...