MUSC ABSN Fall 2018

  1. I am currently in the process of applying to Musc's Absn program for fall 2018! I was wondering if anyone else is applying and what you stats are/will be before the application is due!
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  3. by   futurenurse805
    I am also in the process of applying but am really nervous because I don't feel me grades are up to their standards.
  4. by   apk2009
    Same I am nervous as well! What's your GPA and major from undergrad? Also, are you applying to any other schools?
  5. by   futurenurse805
    I'm a public health studies major with a 3.5 GPA and 3.8 prerequisite GPA... Although I volunteered in a hospital for the last 3 years, I have no paid healthcare experience
  6. by   apk2009
    You don't have bad stats! I am around the same I have a 3.6 and probably around the same prereq GPA but I have a 4.0 in my science prereq's so hopefully that'll help a little! Are you from South Carolina I know that helps a little too, I am not from SC though and I have minimal volunteer experience around 50 hrs.
  7. by   futurenurse805
    I would be an out-of-state student from NC, which I've heard makes it a little harder for someone to get in
  8. by   apk2009
    have applied to any other programs?
  9. by   Kendra8
    Hi! I'm applying for fall absn too! My cumulative GPA is about a 3.5 and prerequisite is about a 3.4. I've been working as a CNA part-time for 9 months, am a CPR/BLS instructor, and do physical fitness and body composition testing through a club at my school. I'm out of state and will be coming from California.