Los medanos 2013 lottery result

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    Does anyone know whether the 2013 lottery results for Los medanos is out?

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    I called them last week and they said that they are sending out the letters for the lottery in the order the applications were received. I sent out my application mid Feb and I received my letter that I was qualified for the lottery yesterday. I dont know if this helps.
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    I too received letter saying m eligible. I am wondering when is the lottery taking place? Didn't get any other college so far. M stressed.
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    I am stressed as well. I have been running everyday trying to keep myself busy. I try to stay positive. A lady from the nursing department said that emails will be sent out in a week or two to all qualified applicants letting us know when and where the lottery selection results will be posted.
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    The lottery probably won't be done until the end of this month, just a heads up guys so you guys aren't going crazy wondering ;-) that's how it was last year, anyway lol.
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    are you in the program already? @Lyricalluna.
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    I called around a week ago and the lady said the lottery will be held either on the last week of may or first week of June.
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    hope we all get in
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    Nooo I had to defer a year. I need to retake the teas still. I hope we all get in too =]
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    oh boy teas test. The teas test this year is version 5 right?

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